Even the most die-hard collectors might think twice about purchasing some of these truly weird limited edition consoles, rare prototypes and bespoke competition prizes.

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)
Script: James Jenkins (@Jenx_137)
Video Editor: James Jenkins (@Jenx_137)

#SpecialEditionConsole #GameOfThrones #CocaCola


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47 thoughts on “10 Most Bizarre Special Edition Consoles

  1. My mom got me that Tommy hillfigure Gameboy, I wanted the Pikachu yellow; she just saw a deal and yellow lmao

  2. So wait…you sing praises of the gameboy, then turn around and call the Game Gear screen "tiny" when it was half an inch larger than the gameboy? Also, the Lynx was a hell of a system for a handheld….it just had no marketing and was expensive.

  3. What is the song you use in the background. It sounds sooo chill and I want to just listen to it, think your voice is sexy. but I want it alone

  4. if the tommy Hilfiger gameboy is a supreme Gameboy, it would be a different story


  5. The “ Canadian maple “ is the only one I saw and thought ‘ that is actually a neat and original design’

  6. 8:00 I'm literally sitting in my Suzuki and am completely baffled at what could have been inside in my Dash and steering wheel.

  7. panasonic game cube was amazing single stupid iddea was the xbox car ( what happen if the xbox had the ring of deth as 90% first gen had it ?take the new car to scrap yard )

  8. That Tommy Hilfiger gbc tho!! Would look cool on display next to some cologne bottles lol pretty cool I like these consoles

  9. I dont care what no one say, I grew up on game gear and was my fav console next to gameboy, just had to buy charger pack instead of 6 or 8 AA batteries

  10. Terrible video. I did A LOT of fast forwarding. I have no interest in hearing him name off a console, and then talk about bullshit for 15 min before getting to the next console on the list…
    What a serious waste of time.

  11. I never watched game of thrones which is fine cus the only thing worse then not watching it is watching all of it and being let down lol

  12. Does the sneaker pimps shoe really count? It was made in 2007. Nintendo was not involved. Only one was ever made and never sold. And I dont think any evidence exists that this thing ever turned on and worked. As far as I can tell only one pictue exists and im pretty confident it was just nes pieces glued to a shoe.

  13. Dude sounds like a hipster insulting most of these consoles. I think everyone of them looks cool and unique, even the wooden looking Game Cube. I don't much care for MTV, but still.

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