Today we play STICK Fight with some Extra Modded features!
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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu – Such Fun
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49 thoughts on “2v2! *MOD* BATTLE! in STICK FIGHT GAME!

  1. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffff

  2. Yay y’all got a little while to get back I’ll be back soon love I’ll be back I’ll soon talk soon and talk soon I’ll see him

  3. Ssundee almost every time he gets a gun: time to go trigger happy
    Bullets: ZOOMMMMMMMM
    Biffle and sigils: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
    also biffle and sigils: ded

  4. At 11:00 I went like pause the video before he said snake time and I said STOP, let the Video play again and then it was STOP…. Snake Time

  5. The day this was uploaded was my B day, this is my birth day gift so thx so much Ssundee for uploading something different

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