3DS Stuff Haul because this is my newest obsession at the moment xD If I seem like a complete newbie in this world games.. well.. that’s because I am ♥︎ Also, I’m sorry about the recent inconsistency in posting daily videos.. There were other things, but as I said in the video, I blame largely on 3DS being so much fun xD Getting back on track now though! ♥︎



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Fueled by your support / Thank you~!! ♥︎

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34 thoughts on “3DS Stuff Haul ❖ Kawaii Case, Games, and Amiibo

  1. You should try miitopia or mario kart 7 😀
    Also if you like rhythm games you should maybe try hatsune miku: Project Marai DX as well!

  2. I would have started off with Ocarina of time, Especially since Majora's mask IS the follow up to Ocarina of time. I prefer the story line of Majora's mask but the gameplay of Ocarina of time.

  3. Theres 4 legend of Zelda games out I'm sure you know now.. Zelda-Tri-force heroes, Majoras mask,  Ocarina of time, and A link between worlds.. I hate tri-force heroes though.. I mean I don't hate it but I like it the least of the other ones. And technically there are more Zelda games you can Download for the 3ds on the eshop. I also love Yoshi.. And I subscribed

  4. Hi Jenny ! I really enjoy your channel. I share it to ally my family and they start watching your video and they say they love it. Even my grandma like your channel.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. most cases have those elastic bands that stop your 3DS from flying out when you open it so I'm suprised that one doesnt have it

  6. Don't worry about "cheating" (I assume you mean looking up tips online?). Play the game the way you enjoy it! You don't have to adhere to a standard of play that you think others will approve of.

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