Starting out with Java: From control structures through objects
Chapter 4
Programming Challenges
19. ESP game

Write a program that tests your ESP (extrasensory perception). The program should randomly select the name of a color from the following list of words:

Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow

To select a word, the program can generate a random number. For example, if the number is 0, the selected word is Red,
if the number is 1, the selected word is Green, and so forth. Next, the program should ask the user to enter the color that
the computer has selected. After the user has entered his or her guess, the program should display the name of the randomly
selected color. The program should repeat this 10 times and then display the number of times the user correctly guessed
the selected color.

Gaddis, Tony (2015-05-29). Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects (Page 266). Pearson Education.
Kindle Edition.

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