Check out these forgotten and unreleased Nintendo titles! All games on this list were cancelled or otherwise unavailable to the public and thought to be lost to time, but have since been recovered and preserved for generations of gamers to come! Thanks for watching!


Intro/outro music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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34 thoughts on “5 LOST Nintendo Games You Can Play Right Now!

  1. Hey guys! Let me know if you enjoy this sort of content – I may eventually make some more "lost title" videos. 🙂

  2. 2:15 I already knew because the SNES thing on the Switch says 2017 and also I looked at the desc of it.

  3. What about tingles Rosy Rupee land, tingles balloon trip of love, and tingles balloon fight on the ds only in Japan and Europe!?!?!?!?!?

  4. 1 buy a multi rom ripper
    2 buy empty cartridges
    3 download their roms
    4 make sticker
    5 load rom to cartridge
    6 stick the sticker
    7 ready to play

  5. There exists a lost Tiny Toon Adventures game on the PS2 developed by Treasure that was cancelled due to the publisher Conspiracy Entertainment having financial problems. Someone dumped a beta rom of the game onto the Internet for one to play on PCSX2 or a modded PS2. It plays like Rakugaki Showtime and would've had Charlie Adler return to the role of Buster.

  6. I want to touch your Nintendo Power Magazines with my grubby & greasy hands :p
    do you freak out when you have people over and they run their unprotected hands on your collection of stuff ?

  7. Hello @Nintendrew!
    I really enjoy watching your videos, I'm watching your entire video list again, and I have a question for you about this video that I hope you could answer.
    How or where can I get a golden SNES cartridge like your Zelda reproduction?
    I have a genuine Link To The Past copy, but cartridge is broken, so I'd like to transform it into a gold one.
    Regards from Mexico city!

  8. It's sad to say but we will never be able to play most of these games now because it's illegal to have ROM hacks

  9. Drew: Next up is resident evil
    Me: oh cool maybe a port on another home console
    Drew: On game boy Color.
    Me: ????????

  10. Ok. A comment on starfox 2. The enemies are really fast in the open space levels, leading to motion sickness and a lots of spinning. I just dont like that game

  11. Mario Lost Levels was not on here, but everyone basically knows this and it was on the SNES for allstars, so I can see why.

  12. I'd love to play Star Fox 2 and BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets! 🕹😁🎮

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