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28 thoughts on “A sad story :( – Oiche Mhaith (Full playthrough)

  1. This kind of reminded me of Gen 1 of Skins (Spoiler Alert) where the character Chris had a "perfect twin brother" who was much better at Chris in many things. Then his brother was affected by a hereditary disease that took his life at a young age, so Chris' dad basically threw Chris out and never wanted contact with him, since he loved his twin much more.

  2. Amadan is defined as diminutive or a word used for a foolish woman. Or even just witless. It can be sometimes generalized to other people.

  3. "The moral of this story is no matter how much we try, no matter how bad we want it…some stories just don't have a happy ending"
    -Jodi Picoult

  4. Just so you know, the titles phonetics are Eeha Wha spoken in the Gaelic language, a first language in some parts of the Republic of Ireland. The words simply mean "A nice night". Oíche meaning night and mhaith good or nice.

  5. I know that it has been said a few times already but Oiche Mhaith is Irish (Gaelic) for goodnight. Oh and eejit and amadán both mean idiot so… Not really that offensive. Great video by the way.

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