This is a listing of my top 10 games at Alabama over the past 5 years of my undergraduate and graduate career at Bama. This includes the 2008 season ending with the 2012 BCS Championship against Notre Dame. The list only includes games I attended (I missed about 10 total), so games like Alabama vs Texas and Alabama vs LSU in 2008 for example are not included in the list.

The criteria I made my picks were based on the quality of the game, the atmosphere and excitement building up going into the game, and the electric atmosphere and endings to the games. It was choosing, “Which game, if I only had 1 to choose, would I want to relive?”

Hope you enjoy!

1. LSU – 2012
2. UGA – 2012
3. UT – 2009
4. Auburn – 2009
5. LSU (NC) – 2011
6. LSU – 2009
7. Florida – 2009
8. Arkansas – 2010
9. Notre Dame – 2013
10. LSU (loss) – 2011

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46 thoughts on “Alabama – Top 10 Games

  1. Lol even da an himself said that if they didn't take players from Louisiana LSU would have more championships

  2. I have plenty of Alabama friends but I hate when people always thinks Alabama is gunna destroy LSU but all the LSU losses to Bama have been close

  3. In any stretch of the imagination, there is no fanbase in the world that deserves to be spoiled this much by so many wins. It is unfair, and I cannot wait until Nick leaves the dark depths of Tuscalloosa, and I can't wait to see their football program fall to the ground. The fanbase will not be able to handle it. You know what they say, what goes up, MUST come down.

  4. You have to have the 1992 National Championship game vs. Miami on the list. One of the most dominating performances I've ever witnessed.

  5. Dang I remember going to the Tennessee game with the blocked kick. I was only I think 10 all I remember is everyone standing up and I was so short I can't see what was happening and then all of a sudden everyone went absolutely insane. It was awesome

  6. sorry ass O state, lost at home to a team bama shut out smh… I almost forgot wit there back up qb as well.

  7. Dual possession goes to the receiver….except when Bama is on offense. That interception in 2011 was fucking BULLSHIT!!!

  8. You must be pretty young. And why in the world did you include a loss or two in there? Never a good game if Bama gets the L. Anyway, I did enjoy the video, and, other than the opening highlights and I think you have included the aTm game when Little Johnny was a freshman. Or I may have confused yours with another video. I do appreciate the work you put in it and the quality thereof. Roll Tide.

  9. Great job compiling this clips.  This brings back so many great memories.  I like your last clip.  I remember McCarron breaking down with so much emotion after that drive.  That is what makes college football so great.  It's not about the money, it's about the love of the game.

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