This video is a fan-made opening inspired by Jelloapocalypse Anime Campaign and his show Epithet Erased. Me and my friends are playing our own version of Anime Campaign with the ruleset that Jello made. The characters in the vid represent the characters in our game and not from what they are originally from.

Shantae: A Tsundere Loli Delinquent that is the daughter of the yakuza. She likes to be free
Epithet: Bolt

Xing: An ageless monk that has lived for thousands of years.
Epithet: Transform

[ When Xing becomes a mech, Shantae pilots it and combines her eclectic powers]

Dominika: The boss of the Canadian mafia. She is ruthless, the members are super nice
Epithet: Owner

Arthur: The son of a big conglomerate. He is rich and pridefull. He sees himself as a King
Epithet: Reign

Karnel: A buff old man that is a famous cook. Will be nicely violent if he has to
Epithet: Cook.

[ The art used in this video is obviously not ours but these are what represent our characters. I made this for fun ]

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12 thoughts on “Anime Campaign Opening

  1. You are legally obliged to stream this version of epithet erased on twitch, I need something to occupy my mind from season 2

  2. I noticed he took down the original streams, do you know if anyone else has decided to upload any copies anywhere?

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