Today we’re checking out some Avorion gameplay, it’s like Minecraft in Space! Avorion is an early access voxel based space game with an emphasis on creativity and total freedom. You can do just about anything in the vast, procedurally generated galaxy like fight pirates, trade for money, haul cargo, or even become a pirate yourself and take down freighters. There is NO block limit to the size of the ship you can build, and everything you put on your ship DOES something. It’s seriously a game that deserves some attention if you love creative sandbox space games.

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Several hundred years ago, a cataclysmic catastrophe nearly ripped your galaxy apart – an unsurmountable ring of torn hyperspace fabric appeared in the center of the galaxy, which normal hyperspace engines can’t overcome.

Since this event nobody has managed to get near the central regions of the galaxy. All you know is that this event also spawned multiple unsurmountable hyperspace rifts throughout the entire galaxy, and that a strange race of aliens, the Xsotan, has appeared in the center. It looks like these aliens have found a way to surpass the torn hyperspace fabric, but so far nobody has managed to establish contact with them.

There are also rumours about a strange new metal called ‘Avorion’, which has appeared in the center of the galaxy, around the same time as the Xsotan arrived. Apparently the aliens use this material to build their ships.

Start out as a nobody at the edge of the galaxy and work your way to the center of a galaxy that gets more dangerous, but also more rewarding the closer you get to its core. Avorion takes sandbox aspects from games like X or Freelancer, throws in co-op multiplayer and lets you build your own ships. It features ships made of freely scalable blocks that can be procedurally generated and that break into pieces where they’re hit in space fights.

Equip your ship with chainguns, lasers and other weaponry to take on your enemies and enjoy the sight of completely destructible ships breaking at the exact points where you hit them. Defend your allies from pirates, hunt down enemies for coin or even participate in wars between entire factions. Build hangars and command squads of fighters in your battles or destroy enemy freighters to steal their cargo.

Fly through beautiful nebulas and dense asteroid fields in search of hidden treasures and meet the many factions that populate and control their portion of the galaxy. Each faction has its own characteristics, such as peaceful, intelligent or aggressive, and has its own ship styles, meaning their ships and stations have a distinct look.

Explore the galaxy at your own pace to find valuable goods in old ship wreckages, undiscovered asteroid fields rich of resources, unchartered asteroids which you can claim for yourself, or clues as to what happened during the event a few hundred years back.

Build Your Fleet
There are no limits to ship size or complexity besides your resources. You’re not bound to the standard voxel style and while building an awesome ship in Avorion you won’t get lost in lots and lots of micro-management. You can focus on building a great looking ship, without having too much trouble to make it work. But make sure you still keep an eye on your ship’s maneuverability or energy requirements. Adjust your ships perfectly to their operational purpose by building light and agile or heavily armored ships.

Build specialized transport ships with lots of cargo space or heavily armored battleships with strong shields. Collect loot from defeated foes which you can use to upgrade your ship: New turrets, resources, trading goods or system upgrades. Install system upgrades that allow more weapons, ease asteroid mining or trading systems which detect trading routes over multiple sectors.

And why build only one ship? Hire captains to fly your ships for you, manage your crews, weapons, hangars and fighters and build your own fleet of space ships!


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27 thoughts on “Avorion – New Total Freedom Voxel Space Game, Tutorial + Ship Building! – Avorion Gameplay Part 1

  1. If you're mind is blown by this game, you should play Eve Online…

    Literally Avorion on steroids AND over a decade older

  2. Thanks for another great video. If you get a chance, check out Astrox Imperium on steam. It's in early access and releases in two weeks.

    Relaxing yet engaging when caught up in a battle with a few raiders. Almost like an offline Eve Online. Let me know what you think and if it's something you would like.


    Or check the website out.


  3. I really think the Devs of the game should make "Doc harbor" pieces for the building of the ships hahaha!! I have a pretty big ass ship, and it'd be pretty awesome if my girlfriend, playing as a tiny lil drone, could dock in my ship LMAO that'd be AWESOME!! Then I could protect her, and trade with her at the same time AM I RIGHT?! HELP YOUR LOVED ONES LOL

  4. I had built ships on aviorion from other games and dominated the battlefield or galixy for example I have for letters UNSC

  5. Facepalm It is very comparable to STARMADE and Space Engineers, and other space like building games. Not like minecraft, tis' more evolved and better made and more enjoyable than that.

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