A couple of the dudes have just dropped a new skatepark in BMX Streets Pipe! This is a concrete park on the beach, and it’s awesome. This park has a great street section and a couple of bowls. One of them is a standard pool, and the other is the old school style of bowl and much more mellow.

From osker814

New Park made by @ƬЯΛVIZƬY and myself. Travizty did a sick job with the graffiti art texturing. Not a big place but should be some fun lines.
Bike made by Travizty availible in #bike-presets

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32 thoughts on “Beach Concrete Skatepark Is Sick! | BMX Streets PIPE

  1. Hey y’all! If anyone wants to check out some more edits on this game check out my upload #GalloRacingEngine’s . I use to ride at a pro level a few years back and have been a Bike rider for 15 years and I have always had a interest in bmx games . Any constructive criticism is welcome lol . And thanks to this dude for uploading such cool videos 😎I’m working hard on some more edits to upload soon 👍

  2. Im just curious if you know or not, but if i got this game on steam, can i play it on xbox one or would i need a pc still, and then link the xbox one to it? Im just a little confused and you seem really knowledgable about this game. Any tips would be appreciated.

  3. It wont let me download, i click the download button and nothing happens, ive tried clicking repair download nothing happens. ive tried different browser, different pc PLEASE HELP

  4. Man I’d do anything for this to be like the gta free roaming,spot finding, next gen game it should be…maybe you could get into a gang or become a sponsored pro and find a style. Maybe if your more of a tech guy you build stats up in manuals and such…if you’re more of a vert guy you can build up your air and spin speed stats…idk. There’s just so much you can do with next gen and I hope the extreme sports games don’t get overlooked

  5. Something Rad: why don't you make a video that shows your 5 or 10 favorite parks made in pipe.?? lol could be coooool.

  6. Any ideas why this game dosent play smooth for me. Especially this map mod. Real shakey graphics. I'm a 3d artist and have a good pc. Not really built for gaming, but should be alright? I got i9, RTX2070, 64GB RAM. Unsure as to why my game doesn't run smooth. Any ideas? I am a gaming pc noob really, so maybe im missing something obvious?

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