This is Billionaire Dan Pena’s Ultimate Advice for Students and Young People. Now 73 years old and one of the richest men alive, he has a working class background and failed out of University 3 times before eventually graduating from college and becoming known as the trillion dollar man.
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*This is a compilation of Dan Pena’s advice for young people. M2S does not necessarily agree with everything said in the video, please use your own judgement based on your definition of success*

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►Speaker: Dan Pena

Dan Pena, also known as the 50 billion dollar and trillion dollar man, is an American businessman and mulitmillionaire. He is the founder of Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and chairman of The Guthrie Group, an investment consortium.

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31 thoughts on “Billionaire Dan Pena's Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

  1. The truth is the Lord Jesus Christ. Put your faith and trust in him. You cannot serve God and Mammon. Go and have a read of 2 Corinthians 4:18 the things which are seen are temporal.

    Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

    All of this motivational speaking nonsense is pure claptrap. Pena is talking absolute drivvle. He basically made loads of money with a good idea for business, really good. But, I'm just pointing out that you cannot put your trust in wealth.

    The whole truth to Life is in the instruction manual for life; the Bible.

    Prov. 3 Verses 5 to 6. [5] Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths

  2. I do believe people can be whatever they want . If they are determined to make it work then I say go for it . If you say you want to do something your choices better align with your ambition.if they will put in the time and work then I’m all for it

  3. I now have no money, however you can check for 4.079billion that's there or was, now I've got to restart from scratch there's not a hard time i can listen too, his 'cocurance of wealth' is masked with family masked with storys its the I'm better than you and I now hold values in this situation.

    why not talk about spreading your savings, save 10%, invest 10% pay yourself 10% flip 10% and pay your deeds. use the intrest of a 3/6 months investment to re-up your next idea. etc etc.

    I've no friends I'm now classed a bum at 0.00 is this guy right? no he's just relaying the same bs so he gets paid in a caring voice n environment.

  4. I just wonder at the end what would you do with 50 big billion dollars, just leave it behind ! I hope you enjoyed $ome of it ! Maybe i am wrong, but some millionaire/billionaire work so hard, day and night , and suddenly they are so old and look back and have lots of money , but life is also past away.

  5. To be honest, all this advice is shit, the advice a successful person gives means nothing, they are human like us, they mentally can’t rely on a higher knowledge. Every single story of these people I’ve seen, they got lucky, maybe someone they knew gave them a opportunity, anything, that doesn’t happen to most.

  6. Some people are good in Business. The real reason we all cannot do what we wanna do is because of the Dirty , Filthy , BLOOD SUCKER BANKS.

  7. It all depends on what you think success is ? You wont take it with you, and the more possessions you have the more they possess You. ! I strive for Contentment.

  8. I've had shit friends and I have had fantastic friends throughout my life. My work and my productivity never changed either way. I disagree with his rant about it. Sure, great friends who do well make things easier but it is not a death sentence to have some fuck up friends and still do very well in life.

  9. Why do you need to suffer or born into poverty to make it,you can still be successful without suffering comeon

  10. Sleeping your office means nothing. They all went to amazing schools and had pretty good lives to begin with. He lacks emotional intelligence. Money is not the meaning of life unless you make it your personal meaning. Our meaning is based on our personal preferences, goals and ambitions.

  11. I just lost my job because of the pandemic, so I started a YouTube channel about Meditation. Wish me luck!!!

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