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Xbox Wire Article By Jason Ronald:

NEW Xbox Wire Article from Phil Spencer:

01:00 Panel Intros
08:00 BREAKING News: Project X-Cloud & Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Merging CONFIRMED at NO Additional Cost to Xbox Gamers……….WOW!
47:00 BREAKING News Part #2: Xbox LIVE Going FREE? New Information CONFIRMS MY Theory and May Come to Pass……..WOW!
1:17:00 The “Secret Sauce” Known as The Xbox Velocity Architecture is SO GOOD, it appears that the Series X SSD “Might” be Better & Faster than Sony’s PS5?
1:41:00 HUGE Leak Concerning Forza Motorsport 8……..LOTS of BIG TIME info, is it REAL or a Farce??
2:04:00 Panel Outros and Special Community Message



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27 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: X-Cloud & Xbox Game Pass Merge for FREE, MASSIVE Forza Motorsport 8 Leak & MORE!

  1. Forza Motorsport 4 was the last Motorsport released on the 360… What's wrong with this guy? He's doing a XBOX show and he doesn't know that? They launch every 2 years! Do the math dummy. smh…

  2. MS only offering a 3-month XBL plan as their longest subscription option also aligns with the launch of next gen 3-4 months from now. The elimination of XBL will probably happen at the launch of next gen.

  3. Xbox fans we have to get away from the narrative Forza Gears Halo that's da old generation of xbox this is a new generation of xbox.

  4. Your not getting a trinity phil Spencer said he will give teams more time for polish and development we may get forza 5 horizon at launch that's a possibility

  5. Here is a link to two guys talking about the SSDs in the Series X and PS5. What they say about the Series X SSD is very interesting, and I have not heard any other podcast repeat that. From 47:40 to 53:00 is where they say the interesting thing about the Series X SSD: https://youtu.be/Ups8FrRFNR0

  6. Great show guys. Also I see Mr. Boomstick is stacking the ads early in the show to pay off all of these systems coming out this holiday. 😂

  7. 1:36:53 Nintendo sold more consoles. Nice try Zemi, you left out the fact that the switch is extremely cheap. That's the main reason it sold as much as it has.

  8. Awesome show as always 👍, this really is a great panel you have assembled for the Xbox Factor, looking forward to all of next week's content.

  9. Seems like everything Microsoft is doing will hurt their competitors. If sonys online ends up being free, they'll lose that profit, then they have to pay Microsoft for using azure. Sonys online useage will increase, thus costing them even more money.

  10. great show and what a panel & Forza Motersport 8 will come in 2021 when it READY & Forza Motorsport 4 was the last x360 game & then it Was Forza H 1 that WAS on x360 Forza H 2 was the First cross gen between x360 & XB1 x360 port was done by SUMO DIGITAL & Forza Motorsport 5 was the First xb1 Lunch Title Forza & the poorest Reviewed in the Series if im not mistaken. Wow boom Busy week ahead Good luck with the cramped week & i know you'll bring the Quality with the Content as always 8*)

  11. I was enjoying the show until Mr. boom stick asked the other three guys what they thought about Dee batch pretty much confirming that the Xbox series SSD was better than Sonys Paystation5 SSD. The other three guys dismissed it and basically said we don’t care about that?!? but here’s what’s bull crap. When the PS4 came out all that mattered was the power that it had, and the size of the Xbox one was a VCR with so many people stating “who wants that in their house”? Now we have tangible proof the Xbox one Series X has the advantage over the Paystation 5 in every way ……….but now that’s not important ???….along with the size of the PS5 being OK which is so ridiculously huge. The double standards of these people and the people in this industry tickles me. Boom if you read this please don’t take offense but you should check these guys you put on your panel and make sure they’re not closet Sony fanboys masquerading as neutral gamers. That aside I love your content and respect your approach. Point being I’m just confused why they just threw this whole subject under the rug when it is an important thing considering Sony has been touting the SSD is reason why they’ve got the power over Microsoft when it’s not true looking at this evidence….peace.

  12. Microsoft would absolutely NOT erase the 12 month xbl sub for no reason! I feel its a sign of what's to come!

  13. Prediction..sony will have a version of gamepass the middle of next year! Microsoft is killing it with gamepass sony doesn't have a choice..

  14. Phil said earlier this year that they have 90 million xlive subscribers presently. That is $60 – $120 a year per person. Do the math, why would a company give up that much revenue. I could be wrong but I would bet anything that free will not happen. Finally I would not want it to be free, free more than not lowers the service quality. Less servers to start. Bandwidth is not cheap at the business level. I know PC is free but that is not the same, no one central entity like xbox is for ex. Phil stating 90 million xbox live members https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIDUu2Pj5r0

  15. I disagree with the guy on the panel I think Sony is under enormous stress . For the 1st time Sony is going up against in Microsoft it's actually trying in other words sony's free ride is over and they know it they are now feeling the power of Microsoft.

  16. Great show Boom, awesome panel next week is going to be sick only 1 week to go keep up the great work. See ya tomorrow for BWB. 👍👍

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