Today we are starting the journey to complete a system that I really enjoyed during my childhood and through my teenage years: The Nintendo GameCube. Unfortunately my teenage self decided to trade most of my collection in when the Xbox 360 came out in order to get the new system leaving me with little to no GameCube games. I ordered some lots from eBay to get things started and talk a bit about some of the games as we go through them.

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22 thoughts on “Building A Nintendo GameCube Collection: eBay Lots

  1. Nice start to the collection. I need to try and find a working GameCube. I have my collection of games but no system.

  2. I’m still pretty young. Im 14. So I am trying to get my WiiU stuff back after dumb 10 year old me sold it all. I hate that guy!

  3. I did the same thing with most of my WII games 🙁 now I'm really kicking myself for selling to gamestop as a kid!

  4. I'm having trouble picking between buying a purple GameCube or a black GameCube. The reason why is because I want to get the original color of GameCube, but purple and black are both original colors for the GameCube. Also, most of the purple GameCubes on eBay have noticeable dirt marks, but the black GameCubes make it where you aren't able to notice any dirt because it blends in the the color of the GameCube.

  5. I love the GameCube. Because I don't have a lot of money, I always get game consoles when they're on the way out and I can get the games for cheap (currently working on a 3DS collection). The GameCube was, so far, the only console I bought shortly after launch and had while it was current so it has a special place with me.

  6. I watched I giant video of bits of footage for Every single GameCube game just to see what I would like to collect. But damn that took a long a long time

  7. I never had the GameCube when I was in high school. I was really excited about it when all we knew about it was it was project Dolphin. Then PS2 came out and I couldn't find one. But I found Dreamcast was super cheap, so I bought it and really didn't get into it. Then a year later I got the Xbox and eventually sold the Dreamcast. But with all that said, I finally bought a GameCube and GameBoy player on eBay and should be getting them next week. Enjoy these videos though. Keep them coming.

  8. I asked my 8 year old nephew what a GameCube was on our channel if anyone is interested! Spoiler – He's wrong.

  9. I had a PlayStation growing up instead of GameCube but I remember clocking so many hours on Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. At the time they were so epic. So unbelievably fun.

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