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00:01:33 – Southeast Area
00:02:01 – Bakers Field (Pincushion)
00:07:10 – The Bends (Hogzilla)
00:11:34 – Northeast Area
00:12:25 – Swamp Line (Radar)
00:16:19 – The Ford (Double Shovel)
00:20:48 – Southwest Area
00:21:46 – Riverbed (Grey Ghost)
00:26:11 – Dust Trail (Airplane)
00:31:56 – Northwest Area
00:32:53 – Haunted Lodge (King of the Hill)
00:40:13 – Sheltershack (Scarface)

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31 thoughts on “Cabela's Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts – Intro's & Pro Slam Hunts [PC]

  1. For a period of 20 years, this game was produced by a game producer, and during all this long period of years the product was unable to add any fun element to the game other than a change in the game fee. Too bad staff 👎🏼

  2. people say theHunter cotw holds your hand when this game literally tells you where your bullet is going to hit when aiming… and you get a rangefinder in your scope, plus the fact the game tells you where your animal and tracks is rather then having to track it down, and the map tells you where your scent is going rather than being observant and keen (kinda what real hunting requires) on seeing where the wind is blowing the grass like theHunter does. Okay then… I get that theHunter high lights tracks n stuff, but creating tracks that can be seen without the highlight ain't as easy as you think. it would involve picking the right colors and making the right textures, then expecting all of you to constantly be looking at the ground. I'm pretty sure none of you that's seasoned or unseasoned as a gamer wouldn't want to do that. Hell I don't even want to do that, a real hardcore game like me already has a short attention span as it is I'd rather not waste my time too much with something I could go do in real life and get venison for it. Plus the argument of which is more realistic is mixed as hell because of people who systematically cant hunt in any sense of the word resulting in salty beta males not getting enough kills to say the game is to their liking. imho cabela's looks like a cringed cash grab no different from thehunter (there is a glitch with your dlc being deactivated even though its already installed into the game from all the updates plus excess dlc that doesn't make sense considering the game has barely any content without dlc and should of been free somewhat, but locked behind a 1mb download. Kinda fishy…)

  3. I like this game,
    But if you wanna an realistic game, then go for TheHunter classic because it is now full free to play no more paytowin

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