In this Hero tutorial video. I will be featuring new hero “Carmilla”. I will explain her passive and skills, Best builds, emblems and spells, Skill combo and finally give you some tips and tricks to play Carmilla effectively.


INTRO : Lensko – Cetus

SONG 1 – Halvorsen – CTRL Z [NCS Release]

SONG 2 – Alex Holmes & Dark Point – You Are [NCS Release]

SONG 3 – Anixto – Ride Or Die [NCS Release]

SONG 4 – Max Brhon – The Future [NCS Release]

OUTRO : Sub Urban – Cradles


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45 thoughts on “Carmilla Complete Hero Guide! Best Build, Spells, Skill Combo, Tips & Tricks | Mobile Legends

  1. today carmilla is free use. I use her for the first time, damn i cant death even tho im so afraid when facing 3 enemy alone. I mostly play tank or fighter so im not afraid to much for using her with agressive style. His lifesteal is so damn high, even without item in early match. His CC similar with Eudora stun but better. I mean u got movement speed.

    And the fact that i love her bcs she is really really tanky. I laugh when knowing her tankiness. She can be Uranus V.2.

  2. Damn, I tried using this build in along with the spell vengeance. My enemies thought I'm immortal lol. I recommend this build!

  3. When for everyone that always lose using carmilla,
    Here's some tips
    1.always check your surrounding, you are support role, support always need others team, make sure of that.

    2. You dont need 2 tank if carmilla is there, just 1 tank and 1 carmilla tank,

    3. Tank build always better since your are front liner

    4. Make sure shot ulti when needed or at this condition there is more than 1 enemy…

  4. One of the best carmilla guides out there gonna check out ur other guides i legit got a maniac the match after i watched this vid

  5. I just bought carmilla and learned so much in this vid thank you so much you've gained a new follower

  6. Wheneve I use Carmilla in classic or Rank, I lose~ I hope this guide helps as most of the videos guide didn't show the common physic and magic emblem to me.

  7. With moontoon nerf on her 1st skill she's kinda boring to play now. They slowed the heck out of her whenever you're on first skill. Played her when she first came out using a trial card, i had a lot of fun and few months later, finally could afford her so i bought her only to find out that she's now completely helpless without a decent team because of the nerf.

  8. Hello, I could not write to you for a long time, I wanted to play well and write after that.
    The team I play when I play Carmilla usually doesn't have a tank. I come out with the tank emblem and take on this task.
    I get retaliation as a war spell, it is very good with ultim.
    As a product, I buy physical or magic defense shoes.
    2 – Clock of Destiny, I'm taking my item, it's me
    Initially -> 10×30 seconds later
    615 -> 915 health
    600 -> 900 mana
    60 —-> 110 magic power gives extra + 5% magic power.
    3- I'm getting Oracle.
    4- Queen's Wings
    Other items change according to the opponent.
    How reasonable is this ranking to you? I need to get at least 1 item for magic damage. Since I am a single tank, I generally cannot get 2 damage items.
    Clock of destiny gives me both mana, health and magic power in the early game. Do you think it makes sense? Do you compare Glowing Wand? Clock of destiny takes 10×30 seconds to reach full features. So 3 minutes is not too long. I am curious about your opinion.

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