“Fred, George, I’m sorry, dears, but Remus is arriving tonight, so Bill will have to squeeze in with you two… Then, as Charlie isn’t coming home, that just leaves Harry and Ron in the attic, and if Fleur shares with Ginny… everyone should be comfortable. Well, they’ll have a bed, anyway.”—Molly Weasley at one Christmas.

Wait! Count me in as well, Mrs. Weasley!! I don’t even need a bed, I just want to curl up with some hot chocolate with a splash of fire whiskey, and hang out with you all!

The kitchen of the Burrow was the social centre of the Weasley family. Located at the back of the house, it was accessible from the garden. The kitchen contains a large wooden table with room enough for eight chairs.

There was a large fireplace in the room which also operated as the Weasleys’ connection to the Floo Network, and a clock with one hand that points to various times such as “You’re late” or “Time to feed the chickens”. There was also several magical cookbooks located in the kitchen, stacked on top of the mantelpiece. The kitchen opened out on the front yard, through the front door and opened up on the back garden, through the back door. A perch for the family owl Errol was located outside one of the kitchen windows. The kitchen was entered by walking up some small steps from the front yard. The dish washing was often done by magic.

It has been my absolute DREAM to spend Christmas at the Burrow with the Weasley family, and here we are!! Cheers with a shot of Firewhisky, everyone, and Happy Holidays!


**ORIGINAL ARTWORK – 3D scene by environment artist ASHLEY FRANCIS
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Animation and Sound design by ASMR Rooms.

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36 thoughts on “Christmas at the Burrow! Harry Potter Inspired Ambience – Weasley's 2 hours 4K Soundscape

  1. That’s too orderly to be the Weasley’s home. I love how disorganized, and higgildy piggildy it is, it’s so homey and cozy.

  2. As much as I love this… It's just too quiet… This is supposed to be the Burrow when it's the most packed… Molly, Arthur, 7 children, spouses, and guests… It even says that the house is packed in the quote for the description… And yet there's only a little chatter every 10-20 minutes… Idk… I just wish there was more speaking or background murmuring, or cooking sounds… I actually prefer the Privet Drive one because it sounds like someone's in the kitchen and living room…

  3. Please don't make fun of me for this, but I am pretending chocolate Easter eggs are flattened Christmas tree ornaments. That keeps with my " #Christmas in April for People (Like Me) Who Prefer #Christmas Over #Easter" theme. I even made signs: Christmas Is Better For Me Than Easter! You Do Easter, I Do Christmas In April. #chocolateeggs #flattenedchristmasornaments Yes, Christmas is the only holiday I genuinely enjoy.

  4. My dear Weasleys, I hope I'll be able to continue to watch YouTube. I don't have a computer or smartphone, so if we have to "self-quarantine", I will be offline for a while. If so, I'll miss coming here! I love the Burrow as if it were a real place! Thumbs up!

  5. Hey that was fun way to drift off to sleep on a chilly x-mas eve with a head-full of mushrooms dancing in my sugar plums 😀

  6. in a Christmas Fanfiction the Weasly's and the Potters are at the Burrow with mix of Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons join together and the Muppets too on big odd Family

  7. This is an incredibly produced video! I'm playing this while I work on video of my own right now and it's very pleasant. So many great audio samples and lovely details. Thanks for all your great work. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into your archive of videos 🙂

  8. The song at 1:40:07 is so precious. It fills me with the intense desire to hug people; I like that feeling very much!

  9. I LOVE allllll your Christmas videos. They're always so soothing and comforting and lovely in every aspect whatsoever. You're doing AMAY-ZING work and I hope you keep making these videos cause they bring so much joy to the world!💛

  10. I bought a candle called Christmas at the burrow from Epic adventure candles on etsy. It crackles like this vid. Awesome setting to have this vid going, candle lit and reading a book! Awesome!

  11. you are the best… your music makes me so humble and at peace… lots of love to you and your family for the new year❤

  12. You should do some Greatest Showman asmr (idk if that's interesting enough to do, but it's a thought lol)

  13. “Thank you ma’m.” I said as Mrs.Weasley placed yet another plate of Christmas cookies and a steaming mug of foamy hot cocoa on the table.
    “You’re welcome dear.” She smiles at me before heading back to the kitchen. The clink of plates echoes through the room. I smile to myself. Mrs. Weasley seemed to always be moving, making a meal or chasing after Fred and George, but always with a warm heart.
    I looked around the room, and admired how the cozy atmospheric room was dressed in handsome golden ornaments, piney wreaths, and glowing tinsel. The tree seemed to sparkle with pride in all it’s bows.
    I sighed and sat back in my chair. The room felt warm, but not just with the crackling of the fire. An aura of family and joy radiated throughout the house, something I’d never felt before.
    I thought to myself, every house should have this, this sense of merriment and coziness, this feeling of warmth. This is what surely made up a happy home.

  14. Absolutely perfect for when I'm studying 'A Christmas Carol' 🙂 can't wait for Christmas! God bless you everyone 😉

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