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In 1944, a retired clerk in England named Anthony Pratt invented a game called Murder. Parker Brothers bought the U.S. rights to the game in 1949 and sold it under the name of Clue. Now fans of the game can see what the game looked like more than 50 years ago, thanks to the new bookshelf edition of Clue, part of Winning Solutions’ Library Classic Games line. The game box itself resembles a vintage book with foil-stamped faux leather and interior storage, and all the parts and pieces have been inspired by the vintage graphics of the 1949 game. The weapons and pawns are diecast, making them a little heavier than the plastic pieces you might be used to. The rope is actually made of rope. The Clue Library Classic Book comes with a vintage gameboard, six wooden movers with die-cast bases, six vintage weapons, six pencils, vintage cards, an envelope, a pad of detective notes, and an ivory-colored die. The game is for three to six players.

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