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Whenever you Think About Pizzas, there will be so many ideas will popup in your mind such as Pizza Near me, Pizza Delivery Near me, Pizza Places Near me, pizza shop nere me, pizza reasaurants, pizzeria, etc. but you dnt need to worry about such things from now ever. we are here with a perfect game Crazy pizza Maker – Pizzeria. this a virtual pizzeria where you will know about hot to make pizza or how to cook pizza. this is a pizzeria where you can make your oun choice of pizza recipe. if there is a cooking fever in you then cooking pizza will be the perfect cooking activity for you to do. forget about pizza shops and pizza restaurants, crazy pizza maker – pizzeria is the perfect pizza shop and restaurant itself.After playing this game cooking pizza will become your hobby.stop thinking about Pizza Near me, Pizza Delivery Near me, Pizza Places Near me, pizza shop nere me, pizza resaurants, pizzeria, etc. and start playing Crazy pizza maker – Pizzeria to leave behind this kind of ideas coming to your mind. Just show your cooking fever and show your cooking pizza talent. Crazy pizza maker – Pizzeria is a best virtual pizzeria where you can make your choice of pizza recipes.

Crazy Pizza Maker – pizzeria is a Free Pizza Cooking Game. In this game user can make his own choice of pizza, bake it and slice it.. this game contains lots of various ingredients like vegetables, nuts, cheese, fruits, live foods, sauces, spices, etc.. User can use any ingredients he like to use in pizza making process and then he can bake it in oven and slice it..this games contains some mini games which user will love to play and enjoy.Crazy Pizza maker is a cooking games for Cooking Lovers. It is one of the top games in app market.Download it to your mobile device, you can become a chef, and design and make your own choices of pizza. Delicious and yummy pizza is the favorite recepie of everybody. Anyone can bake pizza by him self after playing Crazy Pizza Maker.You can bake your own delicious pizza and make it a mouth-watering experience with Crazy pizza maker.

Use your creativity to choose from a huge collection of ingredients and bake any kind of pizza you like in your kitchen. including green chilli, red chilli, capsycum, mashroom, pineapple, orange, green olives, black olives, cheese slice,cheese shred, paneer, butter, 4 types of pizza spread, pomgranate, sausages, red chilli sauce, green chilli sauce, tomato katchup, black pepper, 4 types of pizza base, chocolates, sea foods, spices, carrot, corn,onion, brinjal, garlic,tomato,donuts, bananas, 4 types of meats, etc.

Be the best baker & make the world’s Best Pizza.it is a chance to become a best professional chef and make a perfect and yummy pizza.

Features :
-High Quality Graphics
-Smooth Developing
-4 Different types of Pizza Bases
-Mini Games
-Fruit cut Ninja
-Endless gameplay with unlimited combinations
-Baking and Eating Pizza
-Eatery Game
-Baking Game
-Cooking Game
-Chef Game
-Cooking Pizza
-how to make pizza
-cooking fever
-pizza shop
-pizza restaurants
-pizza recipe
-Pizza Near me
-Screenshots can be saved in your Photo Gallery
-huge selection of ingredients
-Pizza Margherita
-Pizza Marinara
-Chicago Pizza
-New York Style Pizza
-Thin Crust Pizza
-Double cheese Pizza
-Easy to grasp
-Hard to Master the Game
-Endless Gameplay
-Smooth gameplay controls
-Small APK File Size
-Greatly Addictive Game
-new games 2018

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