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If you’re interested in joining The Dog Pound clan that I’ve created you can either message my XBL GT: TehPuppy with your in-game name, find me in game and let me know (in game name is Pup), or leave a comment here with your GT AND your in game name (I will message your GT before I try to send you an in game clan invite to make sure you are indeed on and available)

Todays video is a few racing tips to help you get Gold in the various races within Defiance in order to get the Black Dodge Challenger as well as just being better at racing in this game in general.

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11 thoughts on “Defiance (The Game): Racing Tips and Tricks

  1. stupid bloodgorge race adds 2 seconds to my time… it's become impossible for me to clear the race since i hit the finish at 51 when you need 52 for gold…

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