We’re diving back into the DEEP WEB to uncover the truth of Welcome to the game!
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26 thoughts on “DON'T PLAY THIS GAME | Welcome To The Game 2 – Part 1

  1. 1:06:22 "okay i feel like I'm making some progress. How long is this gunna take? Good God. God damn it.." 🤣🤣🤣 I'm fucking dead Mark haha

  2. Mark: I don't know if it's actually going to be a good game because the last game was a little bit, I don't know, tedious to say the least

    Me who's re-watching the series: You haven't the slightest clue

  3. I was reading the comments in DEADorNOT stop it at a random time and I saw this

    User903: This girl needs some conditioner.

    If you don't believe me pause the video at 7:12 and read the comments

  4. Mark: "I dont know about that one, you probably shouldnt just run in guns blazing but what do i know"
    Mark on AHWM: "Or we could go out gUNS BLAZING"
    Me: Im beginning to see a pattern here that im not so sure i like

  5. This mourning, a man known as Markiplier on YouTube has been reported missing after a livestream of the game Welcome to the Game

  6. I love the sh*tpost comments on the DeadOrNot video. There was literally a comment about her needing conditioner for her hair.

  7. The best part of this game to me
    Is the fact that in the comments on 6:49 says,

    ” This girl needs some conditioner “

  8. while everyone was watching the stream, i was studying the ways of…..

    reading chat and counting how many people were asking mark to fuck their butts.

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