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THIS GAME IS PRE-ALPHA: Which means the build we are playing is no where near complete. It is not available for download to the public.


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Due Process is a tactical first person shooter inspired by SWAT team tactics. We got a chance to play and early alpha build with the Dev’s in Seattle and it’s an absolute blast!

Check out more about the game on their site below!

Nguồn: https://missionaryoutreach.net/

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49 thoughts on “Due Process – SWAT Showdown – LAN Party

  1. I take it this game will not be published anymore?

    No release after 5 years, no changes on their Twitter in several months….

    And the current game doesn't even look like the game that interested me 5 years ago

  2. When Sam said "you're the last one in there Brandon" I immediately thought of "you're the last one complete the mission"

  3. Oh man, after watching the latest Node update video, this brings back such great memories :’) Also those devs lmao

  4. it's already 2020 and it's still not out. although they are not that big of a group so i totally understand.

  5. lmao the devs were drawing dicks first round and second round they were like "these guys are pretty coordinated" just as Sam forgot to bring his breach and they all had to improvise a new plan.

  6. Red team: and make sure you throw a flashbang there and flank around they will be expecting us on the other side
    Blue team: so this is a plunger

  7. Red Team: "We'll Throw a Flashbang There Right When The Door Opened"

    Blue Team: "Let's Just Draw A Dick And Shit All Over The Map"

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