theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Escape From Colditz a brand new board game out of Osprey Games. Man these guys are killing it right now with all their new games to the market. I have been so impressed with their ability to continue and deliver solid titles with very high quality components. this game features a World War II theme and allied POW forces trying day and night to escape from the infamous Castle Colditz, the inescapable German POW war prison.

This game is based on real life events and designed in partnership by one of a hand full of people to actually escape the prison Major Pat Reid! Unbelievable story and history all wrapped up in one tabletop experience. So start thinking and planning your every move to even try and escape Castle Colditz!!

This game GOES ON SALE Oct 18th 2016 in retail – don’t miss your chance to get a piece of history out on the table!

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Check out the Osprey Games website and other great titles from their lineup!

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27 thoughts on “ESCAPE FROM COLDITZ Board Game Review

  1. In a 2 player game,at what stage can I bring in my other 3 security guards and where can I position them

  2. Just bought this. At 9 years old , used to play it with my next door neighbours….sadly our friend took his own life 10 years later.

  3. please someone. can you keep your equipement cards secret (faceDown) ? i mean , when you give some chocolats to a guard to get an equipment , can you choose the equipement secretly? , or does the security player always know every each piece of equipement the POWs own ?

  4. Translation for the german paper:

    German Criminal Investigation Department News
    (Special Edition)
    Released by the Reichsoffice of criminal investigation
    Only for german authorities!

    Escaped POW officers
    From the camp Colditz L Sa. escaped english officers
    (small text which I can't read)

    Fugitives are to be arrested and border crossing has to be prevented by all means
    All search measures are to be applied for this case
    Reichsoffice of criminal investigation C

  5. Anybody else notice something at 5:50?
    Best review, others call themselves reviews when they are just rule vids. Great review.

  6. A great review. Very comprehensive. I had this game back in the 70s. Your excellent video brought the memories flooding back. Many thanks from across the pond! 🙂

  7. If you like 'Escape from Colditz', you might like something I saw recently on FB, ‘The Great Alcatraz Escape’ where you play as gang leaders instead of POWs and seems to have a lot more to it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1JFEZGxTOM

  8. Its so sad that you dont do more historical game boards! Excellent explanation and perfect pronunciation, very clear! Thank you! You seem to specialize in sci-fi games?

  9. The original was nicer with the swastikas. but I guess they considered it's politically incorrect to use swastikas in a game nowadays (even if the whole thing is about Nazis!!!!)

  10. Love the enthusiasm. I just bought it and look forward to playing it as much as i enjoyed it back in the 70s as a kid. This time with my 12 year old, we just enjoyed watching the old 55 classic movie so we're primed and ready! Great video.

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