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It’s that time of year again, time for eggnog, caroling, and RANTING about the BREAKDOWN OF THE INTERNET! You know, usual holiday stuff. In all seriousness, though, for those who are new to my channels, once a year I like to delve beyond movies and video games and theorize about the platform I love and spent literally all of my time: YouTube. This year on Film theory the topic of the day is FAKE NEWS and why fake news and clickbait have been so prominent on YouTube this year. Seriously, they’ve been huge issues that everyone has been talking about and that every single one of you watching have been suckered into at one point or another. So where is it coming from? And more importantly, what do we DO about it? Well, I guess you clicked the video to find out… 😉

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26 thoughts on “Film Theory: Is Fake News KILLING the Internet?

  1. When i hear "2016 was a sucky year" but im rewatching this in 2020, im like well thats a SmAlL understatement

  2. Maybe I'm more of a free thinker than most, but I literally learned nothing new here, I already figured all that out on my own. When I read news articles, WHEN I read them, I do so with a fine toothed comb to pick out what is opinion, what is sourced, and what is fact. The only thing I learned from this video is the term "Yellow Journalism," thanks for teaching me that one.

  3. Everything he said about what happened in 2016 that made it a sucky year, also is now happening in 2020. 🧐

  4. I know this is years old, but I just learned he has a cat. So… I have to ask… Is the cat's name CatPat?

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