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This is one I wanted to cover 1) because many of you were requesting my thoughts and 2) because I think Pewdiepie’s situation can teach us all a lot of things about the nature of comedy and how comedy can be a force for good in the world.

And let me reiterate it here, since I’m sure people will jump to conclusions prematurely without watching the video: I support Pewdiepie. I’m a fan of his. I respect and enjoy his work. I agree with his stance on the media and am constantly infuriated by how they manipulate facts and events to generate headlines with no thought or concern for the impact they’re having on people. That said, I do think that Pewdipie could have made his “satire” on Fiverr more clear and targeted, thus avoiding this whole mess. This video is just meant to discuss what went wrong and what could be improved in the future!

Learning is exciting!

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27 thoughts on “Film Theory: Why Pewdiepie's Fiverr Joke Backfired

  1. I know this goes beyond the scope of your video, but it is also worth saying that just because you can construct a joke in a way that is funny does not mean that the joke should be made. I don't dispute that PewDiePie could hypothetically make an antisemitic joke successfully, but if Jewish people watching his videos are not in on the joke or condemn him for making it, then he shouldn't be doing it. Freedom of speech is valid, but freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

  2. I disagree, if you can't take controversial jokes you shouldn't even be allowed in a stand up comedy show, if you are going to be disrespectful with the performer is your fault if you get a disrespectful answer as well, that lady should've never been invited to that show since she literally showed how little education she had interrupting a performance like that. It doesn't matter if it's a he or a she you should not do that, and if you were a victim of rape, just avoid stand up comedy since you might get triggered/offended by it.

  3. I am late I know but disney has no right to say anything watch this video https://youtu.be/Ofyni-iKkhg

  4. Quite funny that when pewds does something wrong, matpat is on it. But when matpat was in hot water for the heart bound stuff pewds was on it.

  5. Yes so I stopped the video half way like you told me not to. It's pronounced…Fie-ver? I thought it was Fever. I feel so embarrassed. I'm so glad THAT never came up in conversation.

  6. i don't like pewdiepie that much lol how is he the most subbed channel? this channel should be bigger than his…

  7. kids at school make these kinds of jokes I think pewdipie is so big that he thinks he can say whatever he wants and that people won’t care because he gets a lot of love

  8. i think you can joke about anything as long as you make people laugh even if your joke is shitty and i personally dont see why get offended at joke it isnt achieving much

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