How to solve Windows 10 error “We couldn’t Create a new partition or locate an existing one”. This problems usually happen when using an SSD on a desktop computer. In some cases the same thing can happen on the hard drive.
How to Fix We couldn’t Create a new partition or locate an existing one” error in Windows 10.

Diskpart method for single Partition : (no file loss )

As per the video, I tried to use the entire SSD space for the Windows operating system. So there is no partitions are assigned for the SSD. In my case, i can use the “CLEAN” command after disk 0 is mapped, Because it is a drive with no files. But in your case, if you’re trying to use the similar step on a single partition from a disk, then do not use the “Clean” command at this stage. Because, it will format entire disk, and all files and data will be loss. So, I’m suggesting you to watch the diskpart data saving method to secure other partitions.
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Diskpart partition saving method :

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28 thoughts on “Fix "We couldn't Create a new partition or locate an existing one" error when install Windows 10

  1. Worked great. After following these steps I close diskpart, I hit refresh, I saw a new unallocated drive. I hit new, click yes, and windows formatted and did all the work. Installed successfully. Thank you

  2. I got your channel after lossing my data 4 times. You provided the appropriate way. I will not loss data in future. I got much help from your video. God bless you🙂🙂

  3. After i clean diskpart, then show another problem "this partition is too small. Make size of this partition at least 9682MB or select another partition". My main drive is 120gb ssd

    Pls help me!

  4. HELP!! After typing “clean” onto cmd, do you restart pc and try again or do you click Next immediately

  5. Finally something that worked. Was having a hard time trying things here and there. Glad to finally be able to find the right tutorial for me. Love u bro

  6. this is fcking great i was watch whole of tutorial much of nonsense but this one is good for me, thanks bro!!

  7. Hello, it worked, thanks.
    However, is there any way we remove windows installation files from the PC so we don’t need to chose which one we wanna start (windows or install) every time we turn on a PC?

  8. thank you for deleting all my files my family pictures for 15 years. i trusted this video all my files are gone

  9. Thank you so much man 🙏🙏🙏 I was hitting my head since last night and tried all the recovery option but couldn't recover then I tried installing fresh windows it didn't work but after your help I was able to install fresh windows! Thanks for the help! 🙏

  10. I am trying to install Windows 10 on my desktop computer, with an MSI PC Mate, Z97 motherboard. I tried all of these commands, but it made no difference.
    The – We couldn't create a new partition – error is still on the screen, after I clicked refresh, and next.

  11. You can try this tutor or try delete the volume to unallocated space, and see if you hit the next button.. the installation is getting start..

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