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One of the most memorable, and heartbreaking, moments of the original Final Fantasy 7 game was the death of Aerith. No matter what you do, how many saves you load, there is no way to save her. Not even the Phoenix Down works! It’s always bugged me that this resource made to save people from death, couldn’t save this beloved character. Why IS that? Today, it’s time to pluck some feathers and see if we can find an answer to this fowl question!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker  
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Forrest Lee, and Koen Verhagen
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43 thoughts on “Game Theory: Why You Can't Save Aerith With a Phoenix Down! (Final Fantasy 7)

  1. Ok I can agree with this perspective but then why doesn’t revive work? Plus I stumbled onto a video last year that shows someone actually bringing her back after her death in the og ff7 so it actually is possible to get her back

  2. This video is pointless. You even said it yourself, pheonix downs DONT revive dead characters and don't claim to. The FF7 manual says that going to 0hp in battle is a critical injury.

  3. I'd like some FF8 theories! .. or theories from any of the Final Fantasy games, there's a lot there to play with lol

  4. i was gonna play the game in a few days then saw this thumbnail and now im just dissapointed by this spoiler and probably wont play it for a while…

  5. I am holding on to the fact that the remake decided to leave a lot of people who were originally dead, alive.

  6. The thing that had me thinking there was a way to bring her back was the fact that you could buy her advanced weapons as the game advanced.

    I mean when has that happened before?

  7. I know why they couldn't revive Aerith with a Phoenix Down.

    Cloud dropped them at the Save Point.

  8. Inb4 Remake calls the original a "bad ending"

    It makes it feel like Aerith was not suppose to die in the original which cause Advent Children to happen,

    Remake is redoing history

  9. But if I Omnislash the subscribe button, i might end up not subscribed depending on the number of slashes.
    edit: Just checked that it's 15 slashes so if you're not subscribed from the start then it's fine.

  10. i just got spoiled because of the thumbnail, i hate youtube why wont they atleast put a spiiler alert..

  11. i came to watch this video again when i remembered Mat talking about FF8 theories (which i commented THAT I WANT THEM) but wasnt sure if it was my imagination… but theres TWO and they are READY!! where are they?! please give us that final fantasy 8 theory goodness! we needs it! we wants it!

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  13. Even if revival items don't raise the dead due to dead Phoenix and/or low quality offerings, that still doesn't account for the big question. What is it about this attack which is so much more lethal than all the other ridiculously deadly attacks that will just KO you everywhere else in the game, including other attacks by Sephiroth when you fight him?

  14. Hey, MatPat, the original FF7 stated that when you used Summon Materia, you were summoning them from another dimension, so wouldn't it be better to say that the Phoenix doesn't have enough strength to properly revive them after teleporting to their dimension then teleporting back to its own?

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