“To visitors coming from the future.”

−Green the Planet−
You are standing on the planet, there is desolate surface and a wild landscape.
Let us make it become to the green planet for the future.

* About this Game.
You are standing on the wild planet.
To revive the green on this planet that is your purpose.

– Change to green.
The energy cube is falling on the planet and collect them all. The cannon is used to shoot and break the meteorite which is passing, and then you can collect falling thing. The energy cube will saved by spaceship. At last you can charge the energy to the “green point” for making green at the spaceship. When the “green point” became 100%, the planet will become to a “Green Star”.

– Strengthen the equipment
The energy could be used to strengthen the cannon, or strengthen the collect machine that could collect the energy cube with an automatic mode, or strengthen the radar that could find the rare meteorite.
Change to green or strengthen the equipment, the energy is used to by your decision.

– Library
In the spaceship the library is recording what you collected.
Collect more things to complete the library.
Keep playing and Enjoy with your collection.

[PUMO’s game]
We hope you can enjoy the game what was made by PUMO

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Nguồn: https://missionaryoutreach.net/

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13 thoughts on “Green the Planet (By PUMO) – iOS – 100% Speed Gameplay

  1. this game kinda reminds me of hatsune miku's song *hello, planet (the pixels,plants, green stuffs…)

  2. You should be able to take your collectors with you also the laser is all over the place sometimes you upgrade and get a worse gun /laser =/ still I like this game =)

  3. Wow, that is just amazing.
    I spent too much time on radars, weapons, collectors, and all. Do you still need collectors??
    Nice, I like how you can see the game progress as you play.
    Sub 😀

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