Heroes Trials – Platinum Walkthrough 100% Guide (Trophy / Achievement Guide)

The game will cost you around $10 from the PS Store.

The game itself will only take you around 20-30 minutes to platinum watching this walkthrough.


(PLATINUM) Platinum Hero – Obtain all trophies

Social Butterfly – Talk to a NPC

In my shoes – Buy the boots.

Healthy Diet – Found a fruit or vegetable in the island

Poor Thing – Killed an enemy

I found my way – Cleared the first trial

Frankenslime – Defeated Potako

Matador – Defeated Taurus

Manic Hero – Defeated Denmako

Somebody set up us the bomb – Get the bombs.

Magical Chase – Acquired the three magic spells

Old heroes of Delhua – Interacted with the Adel and Soreon statues

Plonida’s Disciple – Cleared Plonida shrine

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4 thoughts on “Heroes Trials – Platinum Walkthrough 100% Guide (Trophy / Achievement Guide)

  1. The game skipped right over mission 6 and sent me to the volcano before I got the ice spell. Would have been really hard to figure out without a guide. This POS is like a class project from an intermediate game design course. So many loading screens for such a rudimentary game. The worst is waiting for a save to load, pressing a button to continue, and then having it load some more.

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