How Save Data Transfer Could Work In FF7 Remake, Revisited

In today’s mission, we revisit the possibility of save data transfer, and how it could work. This is an extension of my older video about it, as I’ve recently come up with a few more ways it could work.

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47 thoughts on “How Save Data Transfer Could Work In FF7 Remake (Revisited)

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  2. I feel like the data transfer will happen. My theory is why allow players to cap at level 50, but then keep a rolling talley of the XP each character gets.?

  3. I don't particularly care about level itself, but i do care about having to recollect or relevel up/ upgrade the same materia, weapons, armor and accessories. Cloud shouldn't start with just a buster sword that needs all the same upgrades from the first game, has a unleveled healing and fire materia and a bronze bangle

  4. All I care about is materia. I spent hours of my life earning th exp to max out everything. Its a kick in the teeth to not allow that. At least one of each you mastered. I can deal with level resets.

  5. They can do like the Quest for Glory series, have level 1-100 for the first game, 101 – 200 for the 2nd and so on

  6. Seriously, you in a Moogle hat is friggin adorable, weird as that might sound.

    On topic though, I'm honestly not sure how SE will handle this issue. As you said, this is uncharted territory. I'm pretty sure they will make a way to carry over your matieria, at the very least, if nothing else.

  7. My biggest part, like you mentioned, would be the materia. Levels you can regain, but the time grinding to get those materia to max level is tough. Especially with summon materia. Will each disk have their own unique summon line up, or will the other summons carry on from the 1st part? They've already invested so much time and money into this, it makes more sense to have a data transfer to keep everything running smooth.

  8. I wish they keep each game starting from zero, as it helps in the "complete game" idea because they wouldn't need to hold on how far you can go on the first game and also don't create the weird thing where the second one can start in different power levels. Also that affects how much they can work with difficulty settings and expanding/changing/removing stuff from one to another.

    Just the history things would continue (like summons for example)

  9. I think a good bellwether for it would be, if you can Max out your materia in this game or not. If you can it probably won't carry over. If you can't then it likely will or potentially you get firega or higher etc.

  10. Spoilers 😱 on a 20+ year old game, but still.

    What I’m more concerned about, more than even the inevitable grind I’ll put into power-leveling, are “choices.”

    Part of the originals charm, like many RPG’s is how your choices effect the world around you. Especially in terms off FFVII’s immediate albeit hidden Date Mechanics.

    Is this not even gonna be a thing, I wonder? Despite the appearance of “open world/city” is the overall plot going to be linear?

    I keep going back to the genre defining Witcher 3, so many quirks could vary with each playthrough.

    Sorry, my main was… it could also be like the beginning of that game, where a character asks you questions about touchstones from previous games that determined where your base-world started.

    Or, also Dragon Age Inquisition… they had that app or website that linked to your Bioware account and you extensively charted previous “decisions” to determine the state of the world at the beginning of the game.

    Who knows, probably none and each installment will be self contained… which would make me really sad for the loss of the true date based upon sooo many interactions from the entire game. 🤷‍♀️

  11. An idea:

    They might just start the characters (second game) with certain levels and abilities which suffices in dealing with enemies from all of the first game but still requiring to grind in the second.

    Basically – if you can only max out to say level 40 in the first game – they may give you a start with level 30-35 in the second and them just rebuild.

    Which for me….would be fine!

  12. My husband plays Destiny and So I asked him if he had to start his character over between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. No he didn’t lose anything. The technology for keeping a character and all the gear between different discs releases of a game is already there and being utilized. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t use for a story series like this would be. Makes the most sense in my mind with maybe doing level caps for each release.

  13. I'm hoping it will happen but it is just one of those thing we literally have to wait and see if it happens

  14. I think we will get to transfer over some things like items and weapons. Materia could go either way.

  15. I'm not sure we will get a full data transfer. I can see it being a balancing issue with some people having maxed everything from the previous game and probably a vast majority of people finishing it and moving on.

    That said I believe there will be at least some bonuses from a completed save. Maybe a nice bit of materia or weapon you may not have gotten till later or something.

    It's probably help with balancing the next part early on for Square if you don't have to account for a minority of players being super over-powered from the start.

  16. I prefer to play part 2 at lvl 1 again. I dont want to start playing part 2 with my materia/weapons already master level thats boring AF. People forget that remake will release the parts as sequel not change disc for continuation like the OG.

  17. Yeah, starting at lv 1 or another level you did not finish the game before seems frustrating. I feel like setting a soft cap would be best. The expansion idea sounds pretty good, but they are going to have to pick some very good spots to split the game. For example, once they introduce the Highwind You have access to most places so just before obtaining it would be a good stopping point. This is going to be tough to figure out. Expacs could work here as all that you are doing it adding to the existing game when the time is right. This would allow the devs to use assets from the 1st game and make the development easier as they can focus on what is new. However, this idea comes with its own problems. <sigh> This is why this has been such a conflicting factor for me, lol.

  18. Starting at level 1 for each installment might not be a bad thing if it was based on the stats of the final levels from the previous installment. Or at least something comparable and balanced.

  19. Im not too worried about level number just progress on weapons with the new system and materia skill progression like you mentioned. I would prefer it to transfer fully or be implemented like expansions. I would gladly spend 200+ $ for the entirety for an amazing game like ff7 thats been remade since its one of my all time favorites, 7, 3/6, and 2/4. Although i would still buy it if it didnt xfer depending on how well they did on part 1 overall.

  20. So since summons are only usable in certain battles does that mean majority of battles will be a breeze regardless of difficulty 😟 since I can't imagine any really tough battle that can easily give a game over not letting u use summons for extra support

  21. Why wouldn’t they allow the player to carry over their levels, items and materia ranks? After all, in the original it was entirely possible to get to level 100 with the initial materia maxed out in the starting bombing mission. Quite why some players would spend 100s of hours doing this, and essentially break the rest of the game… That is another question entirely… BUT the freedom to waste your time grinding to level 100 at any point was always available in every final fantasy game until 13.

  22. I've been wondering too. Also you now have to wear the moogle hat every video until it comes out haha.

  23. Why not? In FFX International you can download your Albed Primers from previous save files. So why not when you get the PS5 to have the option to transfer/download PS4 save files and games… Then when you load FFVII R-2 it gives you the option to transfer saved data from FFVII R … I'm not a geek so I'm just speculating.

  24. I’m hoping for what you touched on. Basically that part 1 allows us to play until level 99. After this hopefully your stats would carry over to part 2, but your level would be reset. So you’d be level 1 in part 2 with 150 strength etc. this makes sense to me within the scope of the party can only grow so strong by fighting the same enemies over and over without stronger opponents. The same is true for things like lifting weights, if you reach a point where you’re doing the same lift with the same weight you’re not gonna really make progress.

  25. First of it would be cool see maybe a level cap, if there are 3 episodes what they could do is Have a level cap for each game, or they could have up to level 300. Meaning each game would allow players to level up 100 levels.

  26. Hello, transferring progress is one of the things I care most about regarding the remake. I will be extra hurt if my materia and item don't cross over. I really don't want to have a silly reason to lose all my stuff like kingdom hearts. Just for people starting on the second one. Just give them presets and let us keep our hard work. They should be catering to the base not new people. This game is a remake going for nostalgia anyway. It just would suck to have to start over and not keep AP for master materia and any special items found or bosses beat. I actually really want them to cap the first game and carry over seamlessly.

  27. We do need to be prepared for this not to happen… BUT… it solves virtually every problem if it DOES happen. Things like: Having materia you didn't find in part 1 just because they want you to have it now, or forcing you to find it again even if you did. Same with weapons and armor and items etc. Starting you off with set equipment, whilst your levels, items and materia are suddenly stripped away.

    They would have to find a reason story-wise for all this to happen, and they would have to come up with all kinds of excuses for each part when it happens all over again. Otherwise it just happens… for no reason. Nothing should be too abundant or OP for the beginning of the next part. Nothing needs to be capped because we could grind to level stupid if we wanted with the original, but we generally didn't see the point with such diminishing returns, which should still be the case anyway.

    We get that each part will be a full game, but that does not mean the entire experience can be one incredible complete whole too. Transferring saves solves it all.

  28. The MMO way is far from ideal, i played WoW for years and it never felt good replacing high end gear/stats/etc that i spent months farming in the previous expansion with quest-quality junk in the next one. I felt it was a necessary evil then but i don't think its the case at all for FF7:R as its not an online game. I think they'll go the KH way, making us restart every time from scratch but they might allow a file scan for the previous game to allow us to start with some stuff we earned during the story (summons/materia/weapons). Highly doubt they'll allow us to import post-game stuff though.

  29. I don't know why people are worried about this. I cannot see any circumstance where they don't transfer. They have yet to disappoint us on this so let's give them the benefit of the doubt

  30. Didn't they do something similar with Mass Effect, so it would make a lot of sense for it to be set up that way. If not it would be very disappointing.

  31. I'm also curious how magic will work. Will we learn fire 1, 2, and 3 in the first game? If so, I really hope they don't start our character from ground zero with nothing in the sequel. But it would also be weird to start a game with high level magic

  32. Glad you are keeping the Mog hat! And congrats for the collaboration with the NSP! I hope we will be able to keep the savings in the next parts! but we ll see, most important thing is to get all the parts of the remake 😀

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