Take the quiz to find out if you’re getting enough Z’s, and learn why microsleeps are so dangerous.
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How Sleep Deprived Are You? | Brain Games

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41 thoughts on “How Sleep Deprived Are You? | Brain Games

  1. So is this zoning out until I feel really faint and slam my face on the desk and pass out during 1st block?

  2. I'm sure I'll 100% sleep inside a car because for me it's the most comfortable place to sleep and i almost every time doze off while lying on a sofa in the afternoon😂

  3. Sleeps 500 hours a day that mom argues with me for it

    this dude saying I'm still not getting enough sleep

    I'm gonna show this to mom

  4. I’m not even an American but sleeping while traveling is a habit for me since HS since I go to school in another city & been doing it for years. I’m now working & I sometimes would sleep almost the whole day in my only day off. How about if you are like studying or doing something & your mind slipped off & you thought you are still doing what you are doing but you are actually asleep. I sometimes would wake up writing scribbles 😂

  5. Well I have 2 hours of math homework 1 hour of language arts or science homework and 4 hours of history homework everyday except Friday so no wonder I'm sleep deprived.

  6. I need 10 hours of sleep or I feel sick. As if coming down with a cold or flu where the symptoms haven't kicked in just yet. I call it "almost sick".

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