Hey, everyone, we’re all quarantined and I hope that you’ll are also be doing well! I wish you great health and lots of great time with yourself. Well in this video I’ll be showing you how you can How to link Ubisoft Account to Epic Games for Watch Dogs and else!
In Epic Games launcher this is now again trouble. We always have to deal with these sorts of things as they always come up in Epic Games Launcher!

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33 thoughts on “How to link Ubisoft Account to Epic Games for Watch Dogs and else!

  1. 1 common thing is when you try to link your epic account with ubisoft and the link doesnt open hear is what to do: open RUN type %appdata% press appdata on the top press local and then find epic games laucher once you find that open it KEEP ONLY SAVED AND INTERMEDIATE and delete the rest than make sure google is ur default browser and it should work 🙂

  2. i have a problem, i bought Rainbow six siege using epic games, when i was downloading it. The download stopped and my epic games app closed, then when i restarted the application, under rainbow six siege it says: "Buy". i bought it already so i dont know why the fuck i need to buy again

  3. What do i do if my epic games account is linked to some other Uplay account i don't know?
    I bought Rainbow 6 Siege and now it is linked to someone else's Uplay account. How do i unlink the Uplay account without the access to it. Please, i need help

  4. I just bought seige and can’t play because my epic email is wrong and can’t verify it so I can’t link😪

  5. LMAo it was so easy… just change browser? damn Im stupid. Thanks. I tried copy paste the link but it didnt work. Have to change default browser

  6. I pre-ordered Watch Dogs Legion on the epic games store a while back, and I wont have the option to link my Ubisoft account to play until it releases on October 29th. My question is once I can link my Ubisoft account, will Watch Dogs Legion be in my UPlay library?

  7. Thank you very much! Wasn't supposing, that it would be so easy, so that's why I am laughing about my situation. I wasn't knowing it for a half year!

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