Learn the rules to the board game Clue quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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Layout the board and place all the character tokens on their corresponding start squares. Place each weapon in a different room, it doesn’t matter which ones. Sort the cards into 3 different groups: suspects, rooms, and weapons. Shuffle each group individually and take 1 card from each, and without showing it to anyone, place it into the confidential envelope in the center of the board.

Shuffle together the remaining groups of cards and deal out the entire deck clockwise face down to each player. Some players may get more cards than others. Each player picks the starting character closest to them to be their pawn. Play begins with Miss Scarlet and proceeds clockwise.

On your turn you may roll both dice and move the number of spaces in any direction, except diagonally. You may not move onto a space you already touched this turn, nor may you move through or onto a space of another pawn, unless it is in a room.

As soon as your pawn enters a room on your turn, you make a suggestion by moving any pawn (or no pawn if it’s yourself) and any weapon to that room. You now are suggesting that character, weapon, and current room in the crime.

Beginning clockwise from you, one at a time, a player who has a card included in your suggestion must prove your suggestion false by secretly showing you one of the suggested cards from their hand. Once one player has done this, no other player needs to say anything or show anything about the suggestion. You are only allowed to make room suggestions to the room you are currently in. After you make a suggestion you may make an accusation or end your turn.

If you start a turn in a room another player moved you to for a suggestion on a previous turn, you may skip rolling and moving if you like and make a suggestion of your own.

Once any player makes a suggestion in a room, that player must leave that room in order to make another suggestion. If pawns block all doors to the room you are in, you are not allowed to leave.

The corner rooms on the board have secret passages. Instead of rolling dice, you may simply travel to the opposite corner room.

Use the notepads to help you keep track of clues. During your turn you may make an accusation. Tell everyone your guess for who, where and with what. Then secretly look into the confidential envelope. If you are wrong then the game continues. Move your pawn to the nearest room, but you are not allowed to win, and your turn is skipped. You must still reveal cards to suggestions.

If your accusation is correct, reveal the confidential cards to everyone, the game is over, and you win.

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41 thoughts on “How to Play Clue

  1. I like to imagine that if my character was the one that did it and I guess right they admitted it out of guilt uwu

  2. So far so good, I got a small question, I chose 3 cards, the player next to me (clock wise), lucky got 2 matches, should he give me both or only 1 allowed on a time ? Thanks alot. I know if he got nothing I move to the next person. Thanks again

  3. I’ve only played the kid version with no score card and I’m playing this in forensics class tomorrow and i feel like I’m going to loose

  4. So when someone moves you into a room will you go back to your current position or make moves in what your room your in

  5. nicely done video, though I highly suggest you film these as people play and not looking at you, it doesn't help much my understanding…I'd rather watch a game being played.

  6. So what happens if you are playing with 4 people and all 3 people on your turn showed you nothing? Doesn't that give it away to the next player that the combination of suspect, room, and weapon you just asked are the 3 that are in the solution folder?

  7. I am an experienced board gamer but honestly I still have no clue how this plays after watching this garbage.

  8. Dont tell me how its work or how to move. I play online it can move itself. Just tell me what you should do in yr move and anticipation of yr opponent move. That what i dont understand. Fuck the rule. I dont need to worry about it

  9. No wonder why the rules felt impossible to follow is a kid cuz they're impossible to follow as an adult.

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