This video tutorial will teach you how to play the card game Pinochle. There are different variations of the card game Pinochle, this video cover how to play with 4 players divided into 2 teams. Find more at

This video will start by teaching you the general concepts of Pinochle, and is followed by the more detailed features of the game. The video concludes with an example involving all the lessons learned about Pinochle. This tutorial is perfect for beginning players, as well as, experienced players that need a refresher.

After watching, you will know the basics on how to play the card game Pinochle. All that is left to do is grab some friends and start playing!

This Pinochle tutorial will cover the following topics:

– The deck setup and card rank

– How to deal the cards

– The overall objective of the game

– How to bid

– How the card pass works

– How to meld for points

– How a round is played

– How to score the round

– A review of the rules

– An example round

Please leave a comment below if you need any additional information about Pinochle, if you have any questions about the game, or if any aspect of the game was not clear in the video. Thank you for watching.

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28 thoughts on “How To Play Pinochle

  1. My mother taught me how to play Pinacle 45 years ago. I've taught several people how to play it. Love the game.

  2. How to play the most complicated card game ever invented.
    No wonder dad never took the time to teach me when I was a kid, I barely understand it as an adult! Bid points, win points, lose points… points have nothing to do with face value of the cards, just randomly assigned by "tricks" (perfect name for this trick of a game)… 35 different phases of the game, all scored differently and seem to have no correlation to each other… I'm starting to think this game was created as a joke, and everyone took it seriously.
    "A pen and paper will be necessary to keep score" No shit! I need to take notes just to get through this video! I feel like I'm cramming for a school aptitude test… 900 different rules for scoring… how the hell can people remember all of this?

  3. Another well made , thorough video ! I think we used to play a game called Bezique , very similar , but I think the deck went down to 7. Keep up the great work!

  4. Would love to see a video on some strategies of play. I used to play with my parents & sister long ago & just started playing again with friends. Didn’t understand why player C would lead with that 10 when the ace was still out?!

  5. Thanks for the reminder video ..it's been about 16 or more years since I've played…but I do remember that in Partners we always passed 4. My partner and I always had so many strategies.. My mom & brother could never best us…lol RIP to my family.. I miss them but my oldest son wants to learn Pinochle. I needed a reminder video so Thx …just mainly on the tricks. I forget what we did on points… We counted them different at the end. I wish I could remember?? Having epilepsy has ruined my memory. Even though doing better now it's best to keep up with your favorite games. I was a professional at it…still am @ Poker, but I enjoy a good ole' fashioned Pinochle game any day of the week! 🤩

  6. Does the player have to show all his melds? Or is there a strategy point on declaring fewer melds than you really have in order to avoid showing too many cards?

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