How To Solve A Marble Solitaire “Marbles Game” Easy Solution || Brainvita

Procedure/Rules :
Start Removing Marbles One by One ……By Jumping Over Another In Horizontal or Vertical Directions
To Win The Game At The End You Get Down To One
In This Video Showing Easiest Method To Solve The Marble Solitaire/Brainvita Board Games ( Marble Game )

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34 thoughts on “How To Solve A Marble Solitaire "Marbles Game" Easy Solution || Brainvita

  1. Nice video. Me too solved in different way.


    How to play Brainvita game step by step EASILY Solving MARBLE SOLITAIRE

  2. this wasn't helpful at all because the player changed the board direction which makes it even harder to follow. He/she should have left it in one place and not moved it around.

  3. I loved playing marbles in my childhood. I was wandering if there is a way i can have fun of playing marbles on my mobile phone until i laid my eyes on this game on Android called Gloworld.

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