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40 thoughts on “I gave players sand blocks and challenged them to reach space

  1. Thanks for joining me everyone on the server! It was a lot of fun playing with you all as always! <3

    If you're new to the channel make sure you subscribe & turn notifications on so you know when we're doing these events!

  2. Steam says terraria is a 2d sandbox game… 😲

    Also a tactic could be to cover a check point so no one else could get up.

  3. Look at the bottom and the top… It literally depicts the heirarchy of the society. Too real even in games. Nobody cares about the ones at the top, they keep climbing, but at the bottom they keep degrading one another

  4. 12:54 Ped: "It's all about the big boys, the people at the bottom are just insignificant at this point."
    TheMadMax_0407: say sike right now

  5. You should of put 5 layers of planks at the bottom and on each check point so players could mess up the ones that they needed to. The way you have it they can only mess up the ones beside of them

  6. He looks like the guy from Merlin the tv series named Cenric (not Cedred) who became Arthur’s servant and stole the heart of some great sorcerer who helped build Camelot and wants to destroy it so he gets possessed and tries to kill everyone and turns into an edgelord. I have watched this series 100 times.

  7. Should have made a checkpoint at caverns layer check at underground layer check at surface layer and check at space

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