I have the footage leading up to the match on August 3rd between Xuan Wu MMA and Tan Long Wing Chun. We have Tan Long’s initial challenge video as well as the pre-fight shenanigans (maybe you can call it the weigh in drama). Finally, we analyze the match from another camera angle and get a better look at the kick the Tan Long guy was trying to throw. The footage will clarify what type of kick he was trying for and also correct my initial assumption in the other video about the kick. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Footage we watched and analyzed:

The previous video where we first met the two fighters:

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30 thoughts on “Let's Explore The Bruce Lee Wannabe That Got KOed

  1. 二刺螈 is supposed to be written as 二次元, like "two dimensional" , probably refer to that he can only do all this behind the screen. If you translate 二刺螈 literally, it means "two spikes lizard", that comment is mocking him

  2. Surely the trouble is, if you modernise the traditional martial art, you will end up with something that looks very very similar to MMA?

  3. I think he's playing a character, a stereo type, it's so many Bruce le wannabes. This guy seems to be the extreme stereo type of such guys, with the haircut the attitude and the money prize 🏆 like he truly thinks he's invincible etc. He probably planned to lose to. Just not in that manner or had some trick up he's sleeve to stop the contest in the first round by some comical nonsense. Kind of like zelenoff doing with boxing. He probably did not get much smarter by those two head kicks, but maybe still learned he's lesson

  4. Bruce Lee is not that boastful and doesnt mean you look Bruce Lee will make you him just like he said Do Not Look For A Successful Personality and Duplicate It

  5. What a fella bruce lee was aint he? So good that he not only convinced you that he can fight, but also convinced you that you can fight.

  6. “I can do the nunchucks better” dude stfu you’re some geek ass prick who can’t fight to save his miserable life.

  7. What? How could he have lost, he broke a brick with nun chucks, surely that’s proof he can fight. 🤪

  8. There are 3 types of fights:
    1: Movie fighting, 2: Ring fighting and 3: Real fighting. I don't know where this one fits. Any thoughts ?

  9. Can you get post fight interview? I wonder what excuse he comes up with. Didn’t have enough food on the day?

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