Story of Aqua Pearls

Our old child flourist, Anne-Marie has a new mission to complete. Quartet of bandits. Made by Mugsley, Morgana, Blackarachnia and Kisame Hoshigaki have stole a magic neckalce that is suppose to protect planet Earth’s four oceans from any evil forces, and divded it into four parts: White, pruple, black and gold pearls. It’s up to her to find the pearls and restore the peace. Selena and her best friend, Pearlie join her to be her teammates, and her guardians.

Aqua Pearls takes you on a fantasy adventure at the ocean bottom. Your mission is to find a stolen necklace that protects four oceans from evil. The game shines with plenty of match-and-pop puzzles, superb visuals, animations and author’s music.

Ocean 1 – Atlantic Ocean

Story: Anne-Marie, Pearlie and Selena decide to take the supplies of bubbles, that provide them ability to breath underwater, before starting their new adventure. Atlantic Ocean is near them, so they decide to go for the pearl located in it, which is guarded by Mugsley, a mutant hermit crab that will try and deceive our heroes that traitor might be among them.

Gameplay: First ocean is going to be very easy. I mean it’s the first one. You start with three colors: Red, Blue and Green, but Yellow, Pink and Indigo are added. If you can make a 4x combo. You will be able to fire aqua bomb, that can clear lots of pearls. Every tenth level is a boss battle, where boss circles around the level, and shoots six omni-directional pearls from time to time.

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