Ocean 3 – Pacific Ocean

Story: Yeap, the second pearl is recovered by our trio. Power of the pearl allowed Selena and Pearlie to send Morgana back into her frosty prison. But the trouble outbreaks when Anne-Marie catches a cold, and her life becomes endangered. Cure for her lies in the third pearl, located at the Pacific Ocean and guarded by the former officer of Krainian Empire called Blackarachnia.

Gameplay: Third ocean is medium. New color here is grey, and new power-up here is Quake, which can clear lots of balls when activated. I recommend that you use it only in case of emergency. Stars allow you to boost power-ups, making them stronger or longer. Manta Ray will occasionally pass and leave a bubble with icon of yourself. If you hit it, you will get an extra life.

Nguồn: https://missionaryoutreach.net/

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