Ocean 4 – Indian Ocean

Story: Pearlie has got the pearl from the beaten Blackarachnia, and she won’t even think about getting it back to him. She gives it to Selena, and her magic, infuses Pearl with healing magic that restores Anne-Marie’s health, and now, their quest for the final pearl, at Kisame Hoshigami’s territory in the Indian Ocean can begin.

Gameplay: Final ocean is easy-hard. Easy, because it’s easy to keep the pearls away from the seashell. Hard, because it’s hard to complete the level-up gauge, and because boss fires pearls really fast.

End of Story of Aqua Pearls

Anne-Marie, Selena and Pearlie have recovered all pearls. Their mission is complete. All pearls are back and safe. Nothing can disturb the peace in the oceans of planet Earth.

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