Commentary and overview of features and gameplay using the Heavy Equipment Precision Control System. Farming Simulator 15, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 — it’s got all kinds of uses!

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Country Blues by Silent Partner
Okey Dokey Smokey by Audionautix
Streets of SimCity OST
Soldier On by Silent Partner

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25 thoughts on “LGR – Saitek Farming Simulator Controller Review

  1. Hello is it possible to enter on the channel subscribe to my channel i am one of your fans i hope you are one of my fans thank you

  2. I was considering picking up one of these until I saw the low quality on the switches. They look like rockers, but they don't rock? What a joke. They still want $250 for this set 5 years later. Unbelievable. Sad that nothing like this has come out since then.

  3. This is the funnest dam video with Farming simulator I have ever seen. Try Nascar racing simulator with this wheel and do a video please and see how that works. That would be cool. Or how about Microsoft Flight Simulator with the wheel.

  4. Not true Saitek quality because this is Madcatz / Saitek. Other than the side panel it's all junk. I mean as far as build quality it's all junk. But at least the side panel has a ton of programmable buttons!

  5. This was awesome. I was laughing my ass off when you cut down the tree, and zipping around in the tractor with the wheel looked actually fun as hell. Farming Simulator has never crossed my mind before ever, but damn, something so strange looks so fun it would be cool to have that around to fire up time and again.

  6. i completely understand this comment will be 5 years old, but holy shit for 300 bucks it should at least come with the game. that should have been the special bundled price add-on for charging the full 300!

  7. facepalm Nonono, you STRIP the tree of the branches, so you get a log, and you put it in a pile. And then you get a tractor with a trailer and you take all the logs to the woodmill.

  8. @LGR Question: how thick of a desk does the clamp allow? I'm looking at buying one but my desk is rather thick and I can't find the information online…

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