Programming your Gamepad F310 with the Logitech Profiler to play World of tanks and any other game that you want to play on your PC. Just make Shure you have a bit of FREE TIME to do this cuz it may give you some headache.

Please DON’T forget to switch to letter “D” in the back of your gamepad so Logitech profiler can recognize your gamepad other ways u just gonna get a message like this: Your controller is currently in Xinput Mode. or just will get stuck. Thanks.
X= X input mode.
D= D input mode.

you can always check Logitech web site for more questions.

Logitech gaming software installation:
www.logitech.com/support/f310. Or number of your game pad.

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39 thoughts on “Logitech F310 Gamepad and Logitech profiler 4 any gamepad.

  1. God bless you I have the f310 gamepad and have been lost trying to figure it out! Now I hope it works with COD 2?

  2. WOW! Thanks for this awesome video! VERY HELPFUL! I am new to all of this.. and I've been trying to understand how to set this thing up since I bought it! You zoomed in so I could actually READ what you were pointing at in the Logitec window! GREAT TEACHER!

  3. Has anyone found an app that just lets you use the Xbox1 controller on the PC instead as that would be my preferred route

  4. So I have the Logitech F310 on my PC with Win 8.1 64Gig. I play both Metal Gear Rising and Revengeance, Sniper Elite 3, AC3, Zombie Army Trilogy, Lego, Fifa 15 etc….. with absolutely no issues. I just purchased Rainbow Six Vegas 2 but can't play it with the gamepad because it's not being recognized. Is the any way to configure it in X input mode? Thanks.

  5. Wanted to thank you for your tutorial.  It helped me out big time!,,,  This is my second game pad (same brand) and I never knew that you had to check "Apply Persistent Profile".. Thats all I needed to do all along; to get it to work.  Thanks so much!

  6. i am using the scroll button on my mouse for zooming the camera in and out.  how do I assign zooming to my logitech f310 controller.

  7. This is the best F310 set out there. He makes is screen large enough to read the text and goes at a comfortable pace BUTT someone has put a music track over your voice that makes it totally irritating. A few things that would complete this would be explanation  of  the mode switch and how to use it, What does the X D switch and what is the Logitech icon button due? After that have you done any of the Battlefield games? Cheers 11-3-14

  8. I've tried downloading the profiler multiple times but this error comes up:The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. What should I do?

  9. There's a game I'm trying to do this which is called, "Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Yeah I know it has the gampad settings but I'm using this because some strange reason is that the game doesn't detects my Analog Sticks. What I came across is scrolling through the weapons. I can't use the scrolling for my RB and LB. I don't know how to fix it since it only detects anything that is "pressed" ex: keyboard, mouse clicking, etc. Do you know how I can Use the mouse scroll as a stroke, thanks

  10. Mine won't work, it work at first but can open the profiler again,my console its windows 8.1 . Help me 🙁

  11. Thank you for sharing, made my life and others that much easier, mapped the Logiitech F710 in the same way. Great work.

  12. I just made this video because I saw videos showing how  to use the Gamepad already programed but not how to program the Gamepad. So I hope it helps, thanks.

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