I harvested a little 7 point buck the other day and decided to turn the whole thing into hard salami that we could keep and store without refrigeration. True hard salami will not need refrigeration and can hang for months before you eat it. The process is simple but for many of us who have no previous knowledge or experience in curing meats, the task can seem like a tough one.

UPDATE: After multiple attempts, we found that 2.5% or 3% works much better. It still turned ok and we ate it all the same. YUMMY! But the lower salt content was much prefered and still safe to cure.

Ingredients: 4 Pound Batch
4 pounds of ground venison
2.5 ounces of salt (4%) (TRY 3%)
1 tablespoon of celery powder
1 tablespoon of black pepper
1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes
1/2 cup of red wine (prefer CabSav, Melot, Pino)

Anything else to flavor. Mix well and stuff.

Where we purchased some of our materials:

Video Inspiration from Steve Lamb:

Nguồn: https://missionaryoutreach.net/

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45 thoughts on “Making Venison Hard Salami The Old Fashioned Way

  1. Dude railing over chemicals is stupid literally everything is chemicals…fucking water is a chemical

  2. Shalom, could this recipe be used with goat meat? I don't hunt so goats are deer cousin's to me. Lol I the recipe sounds great.

  3. You can have plenty of other meat to eat until this delicacy is fully cured! This is a special treat for special meals & entertaining guests! What's the problem? But I am amazed at this recipe! No garlic!? Hey I wanna taste this stuff! I LOVE celery, but not celery seed. This flavor sounds fabulous especially with a touch of red wine! Hey at the end you decided against the Juniper berries!? Why? It's exciting that you harvest your own!! I love that flavor & in sauerkraut with caraway too!

  4. My husband just asked me to ask if the deer are raised by you or wild where they may be eating round up ready poisons like corn and such. We are very careful about trying to make sure we don’t eat glyphosate at all. We appreciate your videos on bug extermination and insect problems. We are mostly raw vegan so we don’t eat meat much but your videos are very interesting and fun to watch. TY and much Shalom, we pray that YaH hears our pleas for Jamie to comes through this, she is so sweet!

  5. Nice video I really enjoyed it. I hunt for venison and I enjoy making sausages and cured sausage. I have always use nitrates in my cured sausages and often wondered what alternatives were available in a natural form, now I understand and know, thanks.
    Ok, so for two days you cold smoke the venison Salami, at what temp?
    After that when you hang then to dry and/or cure, what temps do you like to maintain?
    Also, nice youtube channel, I subscribed. From Stamford, Ct.

  6. The FDA, a government agency who gets money from lobby groups, oh yes let's all trust them. I'll trust what indigenous peoples and my ancestors used as they went through generations to get things right as they had to have it right or die

  7. You do so much to educate me about what I'm going forward with, but the nitrate/nitrite education you have is wrong. The danger is when nitrates from what ever source (being natural or not, because nitrate/nitrite only has one chemical structure each). The warning we need to heed is when nitrates are in conjunction with an amino, aka: protein. Nitrates plus compleat proteins are the problem. With what we now know, with food combining and all, eat your cruciferous veggies and meat proteins separately!
    Keep being a badass

  8. I think it's the other way round. Nitrites will turn to nitrates. At least that's the way it works with Aquaponics

  9. Having made venison sausage, I find I need to add about 15-20% fat. Do add any beef or pork fat to your salami?

  10. old fashioned way… with some modern electric… machines…LOL we had to do it all by hand…crank/grind, and spoon feed the guts… :)..

  11. Hello! Does the cold smoking preserve the meat? Do you think I can omit the smoking and just hang for 4-5 months?

  12. What temp do you keep the smoke house for the 2 days? Does that fully cook it? How does hanging it help cure it?

  13. Love the video brother keep bring the good info we all need to know. Going back to the roots of America living

  14. Just to clarify – the two days of smoking is "cold smoking" – correct? What smoke generator do you use in your wooden smoke house?

  15. Amazing video man. Some people well know how fda has been sucking the thumbs of Pharma and food industry. Why do you think cannabis and cannabis oil. Is illegal? Also in regards to nitrates – lab synthesized chemicals are not the same as the ones produced in nature which are metabolized by your body in a perfectly safe way. There are plenty studied regards synthetic vitamin D, c, e, follic acid and others which show how dangerous they are and are NOT the same thing as what you get from nature. As others have said – let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Peace out.

  16. You didn't mention much about the smoking process. If you smoked this for two day, obviously it was cold smoked. Could you smoke with heat? and what should the inner temperature be, to be safe to hang in home. Now if the meat is cooked it should take less time to dry and should ready to eat much sooner, right?

  17. A good rule of thumb is for every pound of meat you use 1/2 tablespoon of salt I got this rule of thumb from youtuber Ridel149 check out his channel.

  18. Thanks and full marks for editing this video down to a 'reasonable length + time' for us all. First time here now to start sourcing meat for home made salume. PS.. you might consider noting sources of materials like the netting and intestine sheathing that you've used and save viewers time doing a search on the www

  19. I noticed you did not hang them from the netting. Hanging by the net acts like a compression sock which helps maintains the shape. Great video.

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