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In this episode we’re going to learn how to play Mexica.

00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – The Setup
02:23 – Game Play Overview
03:00 – A Turn
03:35 – Constructing Canals
03:42 – A District
04:55 – Founding A District
06:30 – Constructing A Bridge
07:38 – Building A Temple
08:48 – Moving A Noble
09:34 – Boat Movement
11:29 – Buy Action Point Tokens
11:46 – Spend Action Point Tokens
12:21 – Ending The First Period
12:38 – End Of First Period Scoring
14:37 – Starting The Second Period
15:02 – Ending The Second Period
15:12 – Discarding District Tokens
15:33 – Scoring The Second Period
16:25 – Determining The Winner
16:37 – Setup For A Two Player Game
17:09 – Conclusion

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34 thoughts on “Mexica – How To Play

  1. In a two player game, what happens to any points the AI/dummy player would have scored in a district

  2. Late to the Mexica game…been wanting it for a while and just received mine today…can't wait to play it!
    Thanks Rodney for a great rules layout!

  3. One remaining question, can you jump on bridges from the side?l from land? Like if the bridge was on a corner of a canal, or can you only enter bridges from the front and back?

  4. Thanks for this Rodney! Wow there were far more rules that I missed than I thought for a fairly straightforward game

  5. Your version has the earth toned resin pieces, but I have seen pictures
    on BGG with brightly colored plastic pieces. How do I know which version
    I am buying?

  6. In the event that the emperor demands two districts of the same size say size 4. If I were to carve a district of size 4, are both tokens placed in the one district, or do I need to build a second district for the second token to count.

  7. Your video saved us at Origins because the rulebook looks like someone got paid by the word in the rulebook! Thanks!

  8. Great job as always Rodney. I just ordered mine from Miniature Market, it just came in today. I can hardly wait to play it. The best thing you do for me is I save the video and play it for the guys on game night so it makes it easy to play. Thanks so much. Keep making the video's it helps us gamers out so much.

  9. Whoa this is finally being reprinted? Nice. I don't like the new box design though, the original was really cool.

  10. if 15:26, wait, bridges going into water? Were these placed randomly, or are you telling us you can ruin a bridge by placing water on the opposite side?

  11. Awesome video Rodney, as usual. I wonder what were the expectations of the user who rated that video down…

  12. Thanks for the video. This make the game look interesting.
    It looks a bit like Medina: the way that the city/island is divided and parts claimed What do you think?

  13. At 10:00 you say that one bridge is't connected with another bridge. But after you say that you can use the lake, and with the lake both bridges are connected.
    Sorry I'm a wiseacre. 😛

  14. Nice video as always, Rodney!

    Since you were setting up for three people, does that mean a little gameplay is coming up? There's no dice rolling, so Luke won't totally trounce you!

  15. Fantastic video. As a Mexican and from Aztec descent myself, I wasn't offended at your pronunciation at all! You speak English and I don't expect you to speak with a Spanish accent.

    Well done!

    Keep playing games!

  16. The game looks good. Only like a corious, I, like a mexican, can say the pronunciation is :
    (the sound of the pronunciation of the english word he)
    And for general culture, the lake in when the city was build, is Texcoco lake.

  17. Since the games about the people of Tenochtitlan, should it not be pronounced May-shee-ca, as per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexica – sorry it just bothered me every time you said the name as if it were just like Mexico.

  18. I've recently received this game for review and I love it … simple, nicely produced … a perfect example of a good Euro game. As usual you've done a great job explaining the rules. One question though: when setting up canals do I have to put the tiles next to some other canal pieces and/or lake? Or can I just set them literally anywhere I want with no water nearby?

  19. This is the first ive seen of this game is it new or just doesnt get much attention? How long does a standard game usually take?

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