This game has graphical issues on Windows 7 and only some graphics cards are fully compatible. You can use Software Rasterization option if you have any problems.

About the Game
Motocross Madness 2 is a motocross racing computer game that was developed by Rainbow Studios and published by Microsoft Games.[1] It is one of Microsoft’s most popular games and also one of the most well received.[2]

This sequel to 1998’s Motocross Madness was released on May 26, 2000, with improved graphics, which included better textures and many landscape objects like trees, roadsigns and caravans. It has over 40 tracks in 6 event types, over 50,000 3D objects and a new career mode. Players as well as bikes are easily customized.Motocross Madness also supports network play over a LAN environment and, until June 19, 2006, multiplayer gameplay through the MSN Gaming Network.

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41 thoughts on “Motocross Madness 2 – Gameplay

  1. I remeber this from my primary school where we had a simple setup of networked win2k systems – all just used to drive around – one day I asked a teacher to burn it for me on a disc so I could play it at home – as I also had a joystick (to play the famous AH64 apache game) I discovered you could also do stunts – and after I told this back in school that's when it become really fun … ah – those memories – 20 years ago …
    //edit – just compared – we actually had just the first game – not this one – and IIRC it also was just a demo version

  2. 12:07 Came here for this moment. Still funny after 20 years. I would do that for hours, don't ask me why.

  3. If you pushed forward and backward at thesame time and held down both.
    You could scale any mountain no matter how steep it was:)

  4. Memories,played at windows at the beginning of 2000..Who else remember that you can put the colors of your uniform in all over the track?😁

  5. I played it when I was a child …

    This great game brings me a lot of nostalgia, I spent hours on the computer, and my parents punished me for that LOL

  6. Landing a humongous jump successfully on flat ground was almost impossible but oh so satisfying when it happened!

  7. Loved it ! I played this night and day. On The Zone .i had all the custom tracks etc…. Great Times : BigAir_Madness. 😀

  8. My Bro-In-Law had a friend over to his house where we always play MM2 and after smoking "a few", we let the friend try it out. We told him to go to the edge and try to get up & over the edge hill. He made it and then we told him to go straight ahead full speed for the surprise. BAM!!!!!!- up in the air he went and right out of the chair he was sitting in onto the floor. Needless to say, we laughed our as*es off. Good times!

  9. Is there a newish game that has races and stunt challenges in an open world like this? I thought MXGP 2019 would have this but I can't find any gameplay like this.

  10. OMGGGGG I can´t believe I´ve found this game!!! I used to play it in the school while English classes at the pc room haha. So much nostalgia!

  11. There used to be a glitch where you could press repeatedly ''Tab'' (reset) near the edge of the map (at the same time the mountain is throwing you off) and it would make you cross the invisible wall and get you on the edge of the infinite fall. you could drive there right near the edge. If you retouched the throwing wall, it'd throw you back in the map.

    Good times 😀

  12. Sooo any chance that any guilds from back then readding the comments? SPNR (i was in this one), EOD, TXT… some of us played it very serously. I even won two years championship in motocross madness 2. Some company, can't remember which one, offered me a real motocross bike (i rode real motocross too) and money for doing game shows with MM2 in some IRL race events but my family said no because i had to study haha. My father would watch me play for months. He still says sometimes those months were some of the most fun he had hehe. Good memories… I was like 14 years old back then 😅. These games were more important for me than anyone would guess!

  13. I would go to the edge of the map, ride up those really tall mountains and then BOOM
    You were blown back!

  14. lol I remember how this looked like real life and my computer couldn't run it so I had to play at my friend's house

  15. One time I was playing , then I had to go for lunch so I reduced it by pressing windows key on the keyboard , and after finishing lunch I get back to it , and then , sh*t happens !!!
    What a great days 😀 …

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