In this video, I go over moving a computer to a rackmount case for $75. I show my old FreeNAS server and move it to this rackmount case over the course of about an hour.

The Cheapest Rackmount Case on the Market:
Rosewill RSV-R4100-4U Rackmount Server Case –

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28 thoughts on “Moving a Computer to a Rackmount Case for $75

  1. Have you come across any cases that would fit into a network rack? Right now, I have a mac mini on a shelf in there, but I'd like to get my PC in the rack. A mid-tower case almost fits, but it' about 18" deep and the rack only goes 12" deep.

  2. Still good cable management compared to my old Tower Case Server. The two 3.5" IDE drives are mounted in the HDD area, the two SATA-1 2.5" drives are mounted using zip-tires. The whole thing is built from left-overs, I only bought the case for $10. A case with a Windows 98SE Activation Sticker 🙂

  3. Rosewill makes a 2U case for $95, that is pretty nice. I replace the front three 80mm fans with Noctua. It holds 3 standard stacking bays and all of the bays are removable. Each bay is cooled by one of the front fans. The case fits a micro atx board and is high enough for either of the two Noctua low profile cpu coolers. It utilizes a standard powersupply and has a vented top cover. I use these cases for my daily, my NAS and my router. RSV-2600

  4. I am about to order a Roswill RSV L4000 and a 4 drive hotswap bay. I will fit my dual xeon rig. I will figure a rack solution for it another day. I grab something off Ebay or build something out of wood. The goal is to get it off my desk, and I don't want t put it on the floor.

  5. If you're going to do a rackmount freenas or unraid setup, the RSV-L4500 from Rosewill is a much better choice, you can find them on sale for 100 USD on the usual sites. 15 bays, more room, better MB support, fits into a standard rack easily using iStar rails.

  6. In that price range you can get better workstation cases that have just as many, if not more tooless HDD slots. Obviously if you must rack mount that wont work

  7. Just wondering if you know about or tried out a little known NAS app, that we found out to be a real gem; Rockstor?

  8. LOL get yourself a Dell poweredge r710 I got from serverworlds.com cheap with 2x 4c Xeon e5640@2.67 total 16 true threads that config as (1x+1x+1x+1x+1x+1x+ 1x+2x+1x+1x+1x+1x+1x+1x+1x) and 64GB of ram no HDDs $269 it is an amazing machine

  9. If its going to just be a nas for archiving purposes then you probably won't need that large of a cooler, were you experiencing throttling with the current cooler? You said this was a mining rig , for the most part now it will be idle , you may be able to get away with something low profile. Your steam library is on your production machine , so its not like you really need a high performance setup. How do you feel about unRAID ? If your not using the openBSD shell for managment, just the freeNAS GUI , maybe unRAID would be a better option. Check out Spaceinvader one's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA this is THE nas channel. Plus you said you had 12 graphics cards , unRAID makes VFIO passthrough so much easier , you could throw another SSD in there and have it filled with VM's with VFIO . Thats what I wound up doing with my old mining rig. I think if you keep going at this rate in 8 months your subs should atleast double, hopefully triple. 🤞

  10. I have looked at those Roswill rack cases several times on Amazon and I just couldn't do it. Just from the pictures I could tell the airflow would be horrible. I have always wanted to put my PCS in my computer room in a rack but these cases just seem too cheap. And racks are so damn expensive themselves, even though you can get the parts for cheap on Amazon.

  11. Chris, what about using a 2.5 SSD drive, I know its outbox but the space you save. and get bay holds to keep them in place.

  12. Hey Chris,

    Funny how money becomes the deciding factor. No doubt, if you were still working as you were before, you may have sprung for the better case. However, doing so now probably wasn't worth the budget headaches.

    Bottom line, as long as you are satisfied over all and they do the job, it's all good.

    It does sound like the design of the interior is a drawback so perhaps gradually replacing them in the future with better cases may be an option.

    Anyway, I am pumped that your dream of a studio is becoming a reality for you. CONGRATULATIONS! 😀

  13. I've had a hard time building a computer with a low-end rack-mounted case. The cage that is secured to the case with 4 screws makes it so very hard to line up the cage's screw holes with the rack mount case. I won't buy that case ever again unless I could DIY something that would help hold the cage in place before putting back together. And yes, I can see the screw holes lining up okay despite my visual impairment, but man, if I ever want to load a 120mm Noctua fan in the front, I would spend 20+ minutes taking the cage out, install a fan, and try to get the cage lined up with the case by very steady hands. Rockwell's case is not to be messed with for long periods of time once setup.

    If I have to do the build over again, I would buy a rack shelf and a Fractal Design computer case with a plain side panel or a Corsair 275Q computer case. Problem with the cases with plain side panel is the USB ports and power button only at the top. No big deal unless I need to access my server's power button and/or the USB ports. But the upside is I have the flexibility to install a tall heatsink with a 140mm fan. I don't care for hot-swappable hard drives until in the future when I have the money for it. I do plan on using 2.5" hard drives instead of 3.5" just to cut down on the size of the hard drive. I could go with 4TB 2.5" hard drives, though.

  14. What?
    Why would you THINK that FreeBSD, Linux and yes, since Windows 8, cannot work/boot on Intel or AMD.

    This does tell me your level of understanding of computers and operating systems.

    FYI, there is something called the Hardware Abstraction Layer, check it out so you can understand better how this ‘magic’ works under the hood.

    It’s just a driver/supported-hardware issue!!

  15. I am just throwing this out there as a question. What are the best sites for Linux training and for certifications?

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