Don’t ask me why or how its related, but I asked a friend on Discord and he suggested to delete razer synapse (one of his friends had this issue) and it worked.
Other solutions people mentioned that worked for them:

*Delete “rzchromasdk64.dll” and the game will work ; it is located at C:windowsSystem32

* restart PC and started battle.net as soon as windows came up, and it was fine.

* Delete the Battle.net Cache folder:

* Delete the Battle.net Tools folder:

* Updating razer synapse

* exit NZXT CAM and uninstall it

* Turn off the in game overlay in the Nvidia settings. Then you can run it in full screen or window borderless.
*After trying all the solution one user got his game to work by re-plugging the keyboard.

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28 thoughts on “Need Assitance!! Overwatch game crash/ wont launch the game [SOLVED]

  1. why razer fix your fucking shit software. now it fucks whit my games to. fucking uninstal razer shit software

  2. It worked but I have to download Razer Synapse again because of DPI, Macros, etc. I can't just not have Razer Syanapse downloaded. It works until you reinstall RS

  3. This is happening to me, literally deleted the synapse and everything and still doesnt work, can someone please help me

  4. YES IT FINALLY WORKED TY SO FUKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID EVERY POINT AND NON OF THESE WERE WORKING BUT FINALLY I DID THE * restart PC and started battle.net as soon as windows came up, and it was fine. AND IT WORKSSSS !!!!

  5. This would be useful if there would be audio… Can sombody tell me what to do and how to desinstall razer synapse.

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