Music: This Little Girl – Cady Groves
Lyrics are in the video, enjoy 😀
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Pic Origin: Vocaloid – Hakaine Maiko (left) and IA (right)

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28 thoughts on “Nightcore – This Little Girl

  1. bruh i used to listen to this, take a hint, and angel with a shotgun on repeat 3 years ago and thought i was so badass omg the nostalgia

  2. I have been trying to find this song, I type in little girl and found this after searching for a while

    Edit: I found out this song while playing jailbreak

  3. I would always listen to this song to remind me of the person who sung this song which was Cady Grooves I would always listen to it when my parents would argue and I would have a bucket of ice cream. Rest in peace Cady Grooves🌹

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