Nintendo’s unreleased games from the past uncovered and explored!
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42 thoughts on “Nintendo's Lost Video Games! – Rerez

  1. I mentioned that EB Games is the Canadian equivalent of GameStop in the video. What I mean by that is to this day in Canada they still have EB Games and virtually no GameStop stores. They are the exact same company originating from a single retail store called Babbage's that eventually became Electronic's Boutique (EB). The company itself is from the United States and is not to be confused as a Canadian owned company.

  2. Its a real shame Donkey Kong Racing never became a thing, it looked extremely awesome, the idea of a racing game Mario Kart style but instead riding on all kinds of jungle animals sounds amazing, imagine what the weapons would have been like! damn shame..

  3. Remember X-Play with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb? I used to watch thst to learn about new games. And i had Playstation Monthly (PSM) Magazine.

  4. I would of loved to play raven blade, what i notice though is that some of the character's combat style seems to be a bit of a more fluent witcher 3 (surprisingly enough) so hopefully one day they see the record of raven blade and they would be like "hmmm, this would of been an amazing game, let's try to revive it for the modern day systems and give it the life it deserves"

  5. "A game lasting that long(4 generations) in development is pretty unheard of in the videogame history". Too Human(Xbox 360, but originally PS1) and Sturmwind(originally Atari Jaguar circa mid 90s, but now Xbox One and PS4, with a release on Dreamcast in 2013) anyone?

  6. Electronics Boutique. It was a thing down here in Miami. In fact I'm fairly certain my local mall has an EBX which is an offshoot.

  7. I hated the fact that Rare was bought.. i really LOVED 95% of the rare games released on the Snes and N64. its a shame that this happened.. at that time i really hated MS, now i don't hate em anymore but i still wish Nintendo would have kept Rare with them.

  8. There's pictures online of pre-order receipts from Earthbound 64. :'( Sad to look at. That's a game that also spanned 4 consoles (SNES > 64 DD > N64 cart > GBA) and nearly a decade in development.

  9. The weird thing is that here (in Missouri anyways) the was an EB Games and a Gamestop right across from each other in the mall.

  10. Ah yes the sad and bloody origin story of Retro Studios and the development hell hole they where in.

    I'm glad Nintendo step in but I also believe the rumor that they were going to closed Retro after releasing Metroid Prime and blame them if the game wasn't good.

    Good thing Metroid Prime turned in to the master piece it is to change Nintendo's mind and keep Retro around.

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