Stumpt plays Party Animals! It’s a party brawler with very cute animals! We check out a couple of the modes in the Demo Build.

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43 thoughts on “Party Animals – SUPER CUTE GANG BEASTS?! (4 Player Demo Gameplay)

  1. this is so funny i can't stop laughing. Please please play more of this in the future. The gummy bear mode is too good. I literally can't stop myself from lol in the middle of night seeing boss cat Jas as running like hell to help Price at 17:22 they run so cute.

  2. My thinking is that with 2 people you can pull up the small candies over the slope that separates your base from the middle. That way you should be able to do about 3 or 4 candies in the time it takes to carry a big one. That would be 9 to 12 points vs 10 points.

  3. I LOVE IT! The snatch round in the factory especially felt like one of those wacky slapstick cartoons you randomly remember throughout your entire life. Don't know why i was so specific, but anyway, i support more videos for this!

  4. This is super random, but I’ve been following y’all for a while now and can I just say – I love your intros, every one of them!! Keep up the awesome content!!

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