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25 thoughts on “Pokémon Go! Go-Tcha Automatic Pokemon Catching Wristband!

  1. Thank u so much your video helped me and my girlfriend out I got her a gotcha pokemon go bracelet bc she loves pokemon and this video helped us get it set up for her

  2. thumbs up for reading the user manual. i do it myself and even though it's useful it kills me inside every time.

  3. I just start to play Pokémon go and I got the Pokémon go gotcha the price was £29.99 at the game store in the UK and it's really good and I caught an Entei in the Pokémon rade and it's really good this go gotcha is easy for pokestops and catching Pokémon as well and also it spins the gym stops as well

  4. How long does it take to fully charge the go-tcha ? Just bought my first one yesterday and started charging yesterday afternoon when I got home it is still charging since yesterday afternoon

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